PREVIEW: Shadow of Mordor

Shadow of Mordor


One game to bring them all, and in the disc drive bind them.

Clearly the reach of the assassins was longer than we thought, long enough to reach Mordor in fact! Although the climbing mechanics appear (very strongly) to be ‘borrowed’ from the Assassins Creed franchise it doesn’t stop Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor from looking like one badass game.

Shadow of Mordor

Boasting a new gameplay feature called the Nemesis System which means any enemy that you fail to kill or wound in any way, will remember you and bear the scars from your previous encounter. Being a massive LOTR fan this game has really grabbed my attention, free-roaming Mordor pre-Fellowship as the ranger Talion who somehow gets the ability to enter the Wraith world. This has massive potential but as a fan, the canon has to be right.

Shadow of Mordor

Nobody wants a half arsed game made of something they hold dear (which happens way too often nowadays). Seeing an interview with the creators put my mind at ease a little with their clear knowledge and love for Lord of the Rings.In the eight minute gameplay demo that’s been released you get to see a fair bit of how they want the game to work, similar movement to the Assassins Creed franchise and the combat looks a lot like the Arkham franchise. The key thing to remember is it clearly states it’s pre-alpha so things will tweak and change to hopefully make it more of its own game. You see how the nemesis system works and also a bit of how the Wraith abilities work, you can bend weaker minds to do your bidding which is sure to be a lot of fun.

I’m hoping for some epic Wraith battle against the Nazgul, a fair few familiar faces and one hell of a good Middle Earth story.

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