Second Halo: Reach PC Test Announced, Focusing On Firefight

I can already hear the announcer say "Mythic On".

Halo Reach
Halo Reach

343 Industries have announced plans for the second Halo: Reach PC test, which is scheduled for this month and will be focused on the popular co-op Firefight mode. The post on Halo Waypoint also goes into details about how successful the previous PC test was, with almost 61% of players invited to the test downloaded and played it, and it received a survey response rating of 4.6/5.

It would appear that the PC build of Halo: Reach is coming along nicely then, though the first test was for a scripted campaign mission. The more free-flowing emergent gameplay that Firefight is known for should be the real test of the game’s potential on PC. Still, according to 343 Industries, one of the most common bits of feedback from the last test was to “take your time on development”, which is nice. Great to see players supporting anti-crunch.

As mentioned, the next test is scheduled for this month, though 343 admit that things might change in the future. Either way, the amount of players that’ll be invited to these tests will increase as Halo: Reach nears launch on both PC and Xbox One. No release date yet, but we’re happy to wait. I can make room in my schedule for a return to Reach.

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