RWBY: Volume 9 Episodes Guide – Release Dates, Times & More

RWBY Volume 9
RWBY Volume 9

While RWBY: Ice Queendom was an unexpected surprise for fans of RWBY, they still had to wait two years to continue the main story. However, the much-anticipated return of RWBY is here, with Volume 9. If you want to be kept in the loop for each new episode, you will need a RWBY: Volume 9 episode guide.

The previous volume saw Salem victorious over team RWBY and the Atlesian military. With Atlas destroyed, its people seeking refuge in Vacuo, and the protagonists separated between dimensions, Volume 9 appears to exclusively focus on Team RWBY, as they explore a new world called the Ever After and try to find a way to return to their home world.

Here’s everything you need to know about RWBY: Volume 9’s episodes, including when they release, at what times, and where you can catch the girls.


RWBY: Volume 9 Episodes Release Dates

Unlike the previous Volume, which was 14 episodes long, Volume 9 is only 10 episodes long. A new episode is due to be released every Saturday. The volume began on Saturday, February 18th, 2023.

Here’s a breakdown of the release schedule for Volume 9:

Episode 1: A Place of Particular Concern – February 18th, 2023
Episode 2: Altercation at the Auspicious Auction – February 25th, 2023
Episode 3: Rude, Red, and Royal – March 4th, 2023
Episode 4: A Cat Most Curious – March 11th, 2023
Episode 5: The Parfait Predicament – March 18th, 2023
Episode 6: Confessions Within Cumulonimbus Clouds – March 25th, 2023
Episode 7: The Perils of Paper Houses – April 1st, 2023
Episode 8: Tea Amidst Terrible Trouble – April 8th, 2023
Episode 9: A Tale Involving a Tree – April 15th, 2023
Episode 10: Of Solitude and Self – April 22nd, 2023

The volume is set to be released in one run with no midseason breaks, but this may be subject to change. Like previous Volumes, each episode will run for about 20 mins. If everything stays the same, the Volume 9 finale will air on Saturday, April 22nd, 2023.


RWBY: Volume 9 Episode Release Times

Here are the exact times when each new episode of RWBY: Volume 9 is set to release on Saturday (and Sunday for some other time zones).

PT – 09:00 AM PT
CT – 11:00 AM CT
ET – 12:00 PM ET
CET – 7:00 PM CET
IST – 10:30 PM
SGT – 1:00 AM (Sunday)
KST – 2:00 AM (Sunday)
AEST – 3:00 AM (Sunday)

Australia, Japan and other countries in Oceania and Asia will receive new episodes of RWBY on Sundays.


Where To Watch RWBY: Volume 9

Compared to Volume 8, which was available both on Rooster Teeth FIRST and Crunchyroll, RWBY: Volume 9 will air exclusively on Crunchyroll, with the episode being available on Rooster Teeth FIRST a year after the initial air date. Crunchyroll has a 14-day free trial for its Premium Subscription. Previous Volumes can be found on the Rooster Teeth website and Crunchyroll.

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