Rockstar Have Banned Hundreds of Thousands of GTA Online & Red Dead Online Players In 2020

And there's probably still more to be done.


In a recent news post announcing that new content will be coming to GTA Online and Red Dead Online in the near future, Rockstar also detailed that they have taken action against hundreds of thousands of players in GTA Online and Red Dead Online in 2020 alone.

According to Rockstar, they are “committed to ensuring that our games are fun for everyone and as safe as possible from modders, cheaters, hackers and those who seek to harass other players” and have worked hard to make sure those caught flaunting community rules have been dealt with.

This comes hot on the heels of a feature from PCGamesN that highlights how some Red Dead Online players have been posing as or spawning in KKK members. However, according to that same feature, the modders found a workaround almost immediately. The only true fix seems to be for Rockstar to delete the Klansmen assets from the game, though with it being tied to the main game’s story, that might be difficult.

In GTA Online, players had been able to use a glitch to enable God Mode until Rockstar pushed a patch in late June. One of the most infamous GTA Online exploits saw players rack up millions of free casino chips before Rockstar clamped down on it, issuing warnings and then account wipes for repeated offences.

There’s always work to be done when it comes to maintaining the integrity of online multiplayer games, so Rockstar’s work will likely never be done. They’re definitely doing better than Activision, who somehow allowed a hacker to reach the top 100 for kills in the world without banning him.

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