Resident Evil 2 Guide: How To Get The Lightning Hawk Magnum & MQ 11 Uzi

Resident Evil 2's Magnum and Uzi are two of the most useful weapons in the game, so here's how you can track them down.

Resident Evil 2 Uzi

Getting the Magnum and Uzi in Resident Evil 2 is probably the most complex thing the game asks of you: there are a lot of steps and most of them require you to be at a specific point in the story before you can even access the areas. It’s recommended that you do all of these steps at once to save on inventory space and that you also do it just after you finish the Statue Medallion puzzle in the Police Station.


Resident Evil 2 Lightning Hawk Magnum and MQ 11 Uzi Guide

The first step is one that will save you some time and inventory space. Most people will probably go to the second step first as it also ties in with getting the Shotgun and Grenade Launcher in Resident Evil 2, but you actually want to head to the Library first. Bear in mind that you will need the Green Heart Key before you can access this area, but you probably will have already unlocked it as you progress through the story.

NOTE: the solution is slightly different for the 2nd Run with the jewellery box being in the Men’s Shower Room.

The key item you need here is the Red Book, which you can find on the bottom floor on a table next to the door. Be sure to also carry the Weapons Locker keycard with you.

Resident Evil 2 Red Book

Here’s where you can find the Red Book on the map.

Resident Evil 2 Red Book

Pick this up and then make your way towards the East side of the Police Station, and on to the Art Room, which is also where you will be able to start the quest for the Shotgun and Grenade Launcher.

Once in the Art Room, head on over to the statue in the right side of this room. You will also possibly have been given a hint to come here via one of the polaroid puzzles, but you don’t actually need to do that step at all.

Resident Evil 2 magnum and Uzi

On the table next to the statue is an arm. Pick that arm up and then combine it with the Red Book before attaching it back on the statue. A small cutscene will then trigger, after which you will be presented with a sceptre.

Resident Evil 2 red jewel

Examine the sceptre straight away and you will then receive a Red Jewel.

Resident Evil 2 Red Jewel

With the Red Jewel in hand, make your way down towards the Interrogation Room and Observation Room  area situated on the first floor of the Police Station, which should be accessible shortly after the helicopter crashes. For reference, find the Chief’s Office’s main door and then take the stairs to the right of it downwards.

Resident Evil 2 interrogation room

NOTE: you will need respective keys for two different doors — Leon will only be able to access the left door and Claire will only be able to go through the right. Claire has it worse as a Licker will crash through the window, so yeah, watch out for that. Oh, and Mr. X may also burst through a wall here. Fun area.

The item you need is situated in the Observation Room on a table right by the broken window, which should allow you to jump between the two rooms.

Resident Evil 2 Red Jewel Box

Pick the item up and combine it with the Red Jewel, at which point it will open up and reveal, somehow, a S.T.A.R.S. Badge.

Resident Evil 2 stars badge

Flip the badge over while examining it, press the button, and then you will have yourself a USB stick.

Resident Evil 2 stars badge

Still with me? I told you this was a long one. Once you have the USB stick, take it up to the S.T.A.R.S. Office located on the second floor of the Police Station and insert it into the PC tower as you head towards the Armoury at the back of the room. You may as well collect the Battery required to use the C4 while you’re here, as well as a First Aid Spray, a herb, and ammo. A safe combination is also in the small office.

Resident Evil 2 Stars Office

After the USB stick is in the PC, interact with the monitor to open up the Armory door.

Resident Evil 2 Stars Office

Approach the locker at the back; you may also need your Weapons Locker keycard here too. Once the locker has been unlocked, you will be able to collect your Magnum or Uzi and ammo depending on who you’re playing as.


Resident Evil 2 Magnum

Resident Evil 2 Lightning Hawk Magnum

The Magnum, officially named the Lightning Hawk, is only usable by Leon.

“7-round capacity .50 AE MAG. Gas-operated action, which is unusual for a semi-auto handgun, gives it both power and accuracy.”

You should use the Lightning Hawk like it’s a cheat code: it’s so powerful that it can kill most things with one hit, but it should only be used sparingly. Ammo for it gets incredibly sparse in the last couple of hours and I would highly recommend that you save its bullets for targeting boss’ weak points.


Resident Evil 2 Uzi

Resident Evil 2 Uzi

The Uzi, officially named the MQ 11, is only usable by Claire.

“24-round capacity .380 ACP submachine gun with an extremely high rate of fire. Usually used for spraying an area with bullets.”

As its description would suggest, the Uzi is most useful for crowd dispersal, though it’s a little weak if you’re wildly spraying it. The bullets for it are incredibly common in the early goings, but really dry up in the game’s last two hours. You can be a bit more liberal with the Uzi than the Magnum, however, as Claire’s Grenade Launcher should be the best course of action when you’re nearing the end.

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From our Resident Evil 2 review:

“Resident Evil 2 is, quite simply, one of the best remakes of all-time. Capcom have nailed their new vision of a classic just like they did back in 2002 by modernising a decades old game to feel like something completely fresh. Whether you want to take a trip down memory lane or are just experiencing the disconcerting decadence of the police station for the first time, Resident Evil 2 is the first essential purchase of 2019.”

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