PS5 Will Allow You To Share Your Screen With Party Members

Finally, a glimpse into the PS5's User Experience.


Just a month before launch, Sony have revealed what the PlayStation 5’s User Experience looks like, and it promises much more in the way of integration when it comes to parties, in-game challenges, and more, but perhaps the biggest change is the ability share screens with your party while you’re playing your game.


So You Can Play Games And Watch Your Mates Too?

In the User Experience walkthrough, which you can check out at the top of the page, it’s shown that players can broadcast their screen with the rest of their party, allowing other members to watch that party member play their game while you’re doing your own thing. In the video example, one party member shares their gameplay of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, while Scotty Kenzo, who’s leading the showcase, plays Sackboy.


Okay, So What’s The Benefit Here?

Twofold, if you ask me. For starters, sharing your screen with the party will allow the rest of the party to help guide you through tricky moments in single-player games, pointing out different methods or collectibles that the player might have missed. Secondly, social games like Jackbox, which only require one screen while everyone else uses mobile devices or laptops, can be played through PS5 parties. One player can cast their screen while everyone hangs out in voice chat, playing on their phone, all while you play your own game on your PS5.

This feature from Sony puts PS5 parties in a similar position to Discord group, further showcased later on in the broadcast when Scotty shares a screenshot in one party, even though he’s classed as a member of other parties. Perhaps parties will be treated like group chats, with players able to jump in and out of voice chats as they see fit. It’s an incredibly useful feature for PS5 users.

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