PlayStation Celebrating 500 Million Units With Limited Edition PS4 Pro

PS4 Pro

Here’s an incredible figure for you: since 1994, Sony and PlayStation have sold 525.3 million consoles worldwide, which is a staggering amount of units. Hats off to the team, they’ve been killing it for nearly 25 years, and they’re looking to celebrate in style.

To commemorate the milestone, PlayStation will be releasing a new limited edition PS4 Pro with a translucent blue casing, which is the best colour. You heard me. The console package will also come with a matching Dualshock 4 wireless controller, a vertical stand, headset and PlayStation Camera. Oh, and it also includes a 2TB hard drive for, you know, games.

If you’re looking to get hold of one of these consoles, they’re limited to 50,000 worldwide, so you better get a wriggle on. They’ll be available at retail from August 24th, though the full list retailers is unknown. It’s worth inquiring at your local game shop or, failing that, checking Amazon. Just make sure you set aside $499.99/$639.99 CAD/€499 if you want to buy it. No UK price yet, but it roughly exchanges to around £449.

As for the controller and headset, they’ll be available separately on August 24th and October 11th respectively, if you’re just looking to upgrade your peripherals. The controller will be available for $64.99/€64, while the headset will cost $99.99/€89.

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