Plague Inc To Add Anti-Vaxxers After Fan Petition

Remember: vaccinations are important.

Plague Inc

A recent petition to add anti-vaxxers to popular disease management/”wanting to watch the world burn” sadism outlet Plague Inc has been noticed by the game’s developers Ndemic Creations, who have confirmed that they’ll be looking into adding anti-vaxxers into the game in a future update.

The petition first started around a week ago, created on by Eduard Gabrian. The petition was genius in its simplicity, simply stating that “Anti-vaxxers are stupid”. No arguments here.

After picking up steam over the past week, the petition has now found its way to the developers themselves, who seem only too eager to add anti-vaxxers into the game as an aide to the player and their potentially world ending epidemic. Check out the tweet from Ndemic Creations below.

It’s great to see the developers taking this fan suggestion in good fun, and the promise of more Plague Inc content is absolutely fine by us. Ultimately, if we can see more of silly anti-vaxxers getting dunked on by game developers, the world might just be a better place. Maybe.

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