Pacino and Hopkins’ ‘Misconduct’ Bombs at UK Box Office

Al Pacino Misconduct

The Guardian:

“Misconduct, a star-studded legal thriller starring Oscar-winners Al Pacino and Anthony Hopkins, made less than £100 in its opening weekend at the UK box office[…]It received negative reviews on release, with the Observer’s Wendy Ide giving it one star and writing that it “could be shown in film schools as a textbook example of how not to make a movie”[…] The opening coincided with a digital release, making the film simultaneously available to stream at home.”

It could have been worse, though. In November 2015, NME reported:

“Last weekend, Momentum, an action thriller starring Olga Kurylenko, James Purefoy and Oscar-winner Morgan Freeman, grossed just £46 at the UK box office, an average of £4.60 for every one of the ten cinemas in which it was shown. Given cinema tickets cost more than £4.60 that means at least one of those screens showed the film to exactly no people.”

In the same article, The NME also noted that “the lowest-grossing film in UK history”, earning just £7, was My Nikifor, even though “it won awards in Poland.”

The Independent said that Misconduct’s terrible box office performance “was likely down to a number of reasons, primarily that the film’s cinema release coincided with its digital release and received overwhelmingly negative reviews from critics.

“It also had stiff half-term competition from the likes of Warcraft and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2, both of which started their cinema runs at the same time as Misconduct.”

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