Overkill Giving Payday 2 Away For Free on Steam to the First 5 Million Claimants

Payday 2
Payday 2

Everyone loves free stuff, right? How about free video games? Well, friend, get in here – Overkill are currently giving away five million free copies of Payday 2 on Steam.

The celebrated bank heist game has been out for many years now, but that hasn’t stopped it from being widely adopted and played by millions. It’s probably the closest thing we’ll get to a Point Break game, so head on over to Steam, find the game, and click “Install”. That’s it.

There’s only a small catch: you have to be one of the first five million to download it, or add it to your library before June 21st.

Overkill are doing this ahead of the launch of the Ultimate Edition, a total behemothic version of the game that comes with all 48 pieces of DLC. The release of the Ultimate Edition will be Payday 2’s final hurrah until, presumably, Payday 3 is released.

In other Payday news, it’s currently one of the games bundled with Xbox Game Pass. Check out how we think it stacks up against PlayStation Now over here.

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