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One Piece

One Piece continues to push forward with the Wano arc, as Episode 1060 is on its way. In the previous episode, Toei animated parts of Chapters 1032 and 1033 of the manga, so it’s expected that Episode 1060 will feature the rest of Chapter 1033. With only 25 chapters left for Wano, Episode 1060 looks to carry on the momentum as we build up to this legendary arc’s finale.

Several people, specifically One Piece manga readers, are hyped for Wano’s final battle. Although it’s still a couple of months away, the events leading up to it are still exciting in their own right. To keep up with the anime, here’s the air date for One Piece Episode 1060, along with its release times and plot.


One Piece Episode 1060 Air Date and Release Times

One Piece Episode 1060 will be released on Sunday, April 30, 2023, titled “Secrets of Enma! The Cursed Sword Entrusted to Zoro”. There’ll be no breaks or filler episodes in between, so One Piece will follow its regular schedule for the last week of April. Episode 1060 will be available on April 30 at the following times, depending on your time zone:

Japan Standard Time (JST) – 9:30 am
Pacific Time (PT) – 6:00 pm
Eastern Time (ET) – 9:00 pm
Central Time (CT) – 8:00 pm
British Time (GMT) – 2:00 am
Australian Central Time (ACDT) – 12:30 pm
India Time (IST) – 7:30 am

The release time depends on your region, so double-check your time zone to know when Episode 1060 will air for you. Typically, One Piece episodes become available in other countries after 1.5 hours from the Japan release.


One Piece Episode 1060 Plot

As usual, Toei hasn’t revealed the plot of Episode 1060. However, they did give a preview at the end of the previous episode for us to analyze. Before we continue, here’s a quick recap of the last episode.

“As Queen reveals to Sanji King’s secret, elsewhere as he is struggling against King, Zoro realizes an important fact from his past.”

Based on the preview and the upcoming manga chapters, Episode 1060 will focus on Zoro’s battle with King again. Cornered, Zoro looks back on his origins in the East Blue. During his childhood at the dojo, he met a mysterious man who gave him sound advice regarding the nature of swords. Fast forward to the present, Zoro realizes the man’s true identity and that his advice will be the key to unlocking Enma’s full potential.


Where to Watch One Piece Episode 1060

Crunchyroll is the best service to watch One Piece Episode 1060 since it simulcasts the latest episodes to other countries outside Japan. However, depending on your country, you may need a VPN to watch One Piece on Crunchyroll due to licensing issues.

Furthermore, Crunchyroll only offers the latest episodes in Japanese since the English dub hasn’t caught up yet. On the other hand, alternative streaming services are available in some regions, such as Bilibili, for viewers in Asia.

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