Obsidian’s Survival Sim Grounded Available Now Via Xbox Game Preview

And Game Pass, don't forget Game Pass.


If Honey, I Shrunk The Kids is a light-hearted comedy about accidentally making kids tiny, Grounded from Obsidian feels like what would happen if that same concept became a horror film. Essentially, you’re scavenging for resources and trying to avoid getting brutally murdered by huge spiders, though fortunately there’s an arachnophobia mode for those who need it.

Grounded is a survival co-op game where up to four players can join together in an attempt to survive the insects that exist in your back garden. Sounds simple enough, but you’ve been mysteriously shrunk, so even the lowliest ant can mess your day up if you’re not careful. As a group, you’ll gather resources, build shelter and try to figure how exactly you’ve become so tiny in the first place.

As mentioned, Grounded will launch into Xbox Game Preview, the Xbox equivalent of early access (the PC version will be a Steam Early Access version too), with more weapons, items and features set to be added to the game over time. It’ll also be available via Game Pass, so if you’re already a subscriber, you’ve got another game to play. Will you be giving Grounded a go? Sound off in the comments.

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