Nintendo Announces NES Mini Production Has Resumed

The days of browsing eBay looking for a cheap NES Mini listing are coming to an end.

Despite hurricanes, nuclear threats and the god awful return of the bloody X Factor, one shining glimmer of light remains: Nintendo have announced that the Classic NES Mini is returning to the production line.

This is the news that Nintendo fans clamouring have been waiting for since it was announced in April that the Classic NES Mini was being discontinued. This is also bad news for all those terrible eBay sellers marking up the prices.

Speaking to Eurogamer, a spokesperson for Nintendo said the following: “We’re happy to confirm that we’ll continue to ship stock of the Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System to Europe in 2018. In addition, next summer we’ll also bring the Nintendo Classic Mini: Nintendo Entertainment System back to Europe. More information will be shared in the future.” Don’t worry, dear readers from North America, you’ll get your NES Minis as well.

Nintendo have also said that they will increasing production for the SNES Mini to cope with the high demand, which will see the SNES run from Christmas through to 2018. If you’re an avid collector of retro gaming memorabilia but missed out on the initial production run, now is your chance to correct that mistake. Hell, I might even stick a pre-order down when the information goes live.


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