New Xbox Series X Details: Raytracing, SSD Storage, 120 FPS & More

Phil Spencer dropping that sweet info.

Xbox Series X

Microsoft and Xbox’s head honcho Phil Spencer have published a new article that reveals a host of new details about the Xbox Series X. Titled “What You Can Expect From The Next Generation Of Gaming”, the post covers the hardware capabilities of the Xbox Series X, as well as some of its more impressive features.

The Series X will utilise a custom processor that leverages AMD’s latest Zen 2 and RDNA 2 architectures to deliver four times the processing power of an Xbox One. Developers will be able to work with 12 teraflops of GPU performance, twice the amount of the Xbox One X and more than eight times that of the original Xbox One. The Series X will also be capable of Variable Rate Shading, which can prioritise individual on-screen effects to produce more stable frames and higher resolution, along with DirectX Raytracing.

The SSD storage will allow for larger, more open worlds, with highly reduced load times, while the quick resume feature lets you pick up where you left off on multiple games, which is great if you’re going from a single player game to a multiplayer one. Dynamic Latency Input promises to improve the responsiveness of the Xbox Wireless controllers through the console’s own wireless communication protocol, and Xbox have partnered with HDMI manufacturers to provide Auto Low Latency Modes and Variable Refresh Rates. Also, there’s also support for 120 frames per second.

As for compatibility, Xbox are promising that players will be able to play four generations of games on the Xbox Series X, with faster load times, steadier framerates and higher quality visuals, with no work necessary on the part of the developer. On top of that, all Xbox One accessories will work on the Series X, so if you’ve shelled out for the Elite Series 2 controller, you don’t need to worry about it not working. Smart Delivery ensures that players who purchase Xbox Game Studios titles will be able to purchase the game once, and it’ll work on both Xbox One and Series X, and that option is available for all developers too. Finally, Xbox Game Pass will continue on the Xbox Series X, with games like Halo: Infinite to look forward to.

The blog post promises we’ll hear more details at E3 2020, with the main missing piece of information being how much this will all cost. Microsoft are billing the Xbox Series X as the most powerful console they’ve ever made, so you better believe there’s a hefty price tag attached. However, the Series X certainly sounds like an absolute beast. What are your thoughts? Sound off in the comments.

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