New Pokémon Sirfetch’d Announced For Pokémon Sword

Look at that sense of nobility.


Nintendo and The Pokémon Company have revealed a new Pokémon that has been discovered in the Galar Region, and will only be appearing in Pokémon Sword. Please welcome the Wild Duck Pokémon, Sirfetch’d.

Sirfetch’d is a Galar Region exclusive evolution of Farfetch’d that evolves after experiencing many fights, and they use a leek as a lance and thick leaves as a shield. I’ll be honest, I don’t really know much about Pokémon, but my more knowledgeable girlfriend took one look at them and said “awwwww, that’s cute”, so stick that on the boxart, Nintendo.

Sirfetch’d is a fighting type Pokémon with the Steadfast ability, which increases the speed stat when flinched. They will also be given a brand new move that only Sirfetch’d can learn called Meteor Assault, which is a powerful charging attack that deals massive damage. However, Sirfetch’d will not be able to perform another move directly after using Meteor Assault, making it more of a last ditch plan, or something to pull out when you just want to style on an opponent.

Interestingly, Sirfetch’d appears to be exclusive to Pokémon Sword, so it’ll be interesting to see what the Shield exclusive Pokémon will be. Answers on a postcard please, the best answer will win the full glory of Valhalla. Are you excited for Sirfetch’d? Let us know in the comments below.

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