New Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer and Box Art Revealed

Kingdom Hearts 3

Yet another Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer has dropped today, this time showing a deeper look at San Fransokyo from the Big Hero 6 world, as well as lots and lots of reveals.

To name a few, the trailer shows the return of some of the original Organization XIII members, with Vexen and Demyx. Also, what many fans originally thought to have been a “norted” version of Xion turned out to actually be the (also “norted”) Riku Replica making a comeback.

With these three reappearances, this could mean that Master Xehanort’s thirteen Seekers of Darkness might have all finally been revealed. And, speaking of the evil Master Xehanort, we finally got to see him in the (wrinkly) flesh, as well as a new Disney villain for our heroes to square off against: Davy Jones.

On top of all these storyline reveals, the trailer still shows off plenty of the over-the-top, flashy action and crazy enemies (did you see that giant Kraken?) that go hand-in-hand with the series. It also looks like we’re going to be treated to a photo-mode similar to that in Marvel’s Spider-Man.

The Big Hero 6 world has been confirmed to be in Kingdom Hearts 3 since 2015 when Square Enix revealed just a single piece of its concept art at the D23 Expo. This has been the only thing fans had seen from the new world until last week when a short version of this trailer was released in anticipation for the 2018 Tokyo Game Show.

On top of all this, we also finally saw the reveal of the Kingdom Hearts 3 cover art.

Kingdom Hearts 3

With each Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer reveal, the game keeps looking better and better. It releases on January 29th, 2019 for PS4 and Xbox One.

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