Mortal Kombat 11: 6 Things We’d Like To See

We're getting greedy again.

Mortal Kombat 11

Netherrealm Studios knocked it out of the park a few weeks ago with their Mortal Kombat 11 reveal event, showing the world how their latest game looks in action. Spoiler alert: it looks phenomenal, and gory. It’s a Mortal Kombat game after all, so it’d be weird if there weren’t liberal lashings of the red stuff.

The reveal event gave us details on gameplay, customisation, roster and story, along with the promise of a Kombat Kast stream that takes place February 5th that’ll offer up even more information for us insatiable fans. While the Kast might not cover everything on this list, here are some things we’d like see included in Mortal Kombat 11.


1. Trademark Bonus Modes

We’ve brought it up a few times here at Cultured Vultures that, when it comes to creating bonus modes in fighting games, Mortal Kombat pretty much has the monopoly. Whether it was Motor Kombat, Puzzle Kombat, MK9’s Challenge Tower or the online orientated Factions mode from Mortal Kombat X, the developers have always found ways to offer some variety beyond the spine ripping and eye gouging, and we’d like to see that return in MK 11.

Netherrealm have already spoken about the Towers of Time mode, which looks like a hybrid of the Towers mode from MK X and the Multiverse mode from Injustice 2, allowing players to tackle timed challenges with the promise of loot. Developers have confirmed that the mode will also allow players to earn loot for one specific character too, which was one of the main gripes about the Injustice 2 loot system.

That said, we’re a greedy bunch. We want more, and we reckon that Netherrealm have more to give, though we’re not entirely sure what that’ll be. The return of the always hilarious Test Your Luck mode wouldn’t go amiss with us, but it’d be amazing to see the developers deliver something we’ve never seen before.


2. Time Travel That Doesn’t Reboot Everything

It’s already been confirmed that the MK 11 Story Mode will be dealing with time travel, as new villain Kronika attempts to correct the damage done to the timeline by Raiden. Footage of the the different cutscenes in the game have shown fights like young Liu Kang versus evil Liu Kang, with the potential for more, but this has me concerned.

Time travel in fiction is often used as a medium to retcon previous decisions or to reintroduce dead characters into the fold, though in Mortal Kombat, no one is ever truly dead after all. With MK 11 being only the third game in this rebooted series, we’d still hate to see important character development like Liu Kang, Kitana and Raiden turning to the darker side just get undone so quickly.


3. More Finishers

The finishing moves of Mortal Kombat have a place in gaming history as well deserved as Mario and that pit in New Mexico where they dumped all the copies of ET. The Fatalities and Brutalities of the series are the stuff of legend, and from what we’ve seen of MK 11 so far, Netherrealm have taken things even further.

But Mortal Kombat has had more than its fair share of additional finishers over the years, and some have fallen by the wayside. Animalities, Babalities and Friendships are all part of the franchise’s history, and with time being a key feature of MK 11, Babalities seem like a good fit to return here, but we’d like to see more. Leave your own ideas of what that’d be in the comments. The best one wins bragging rights on the internet.


4. No Bloody Jump Scares

One of the biggest staples of the franchise since Mortal Kombat: Deception has been the Krypt, an in-game marketplace that allowed you to purchase concept art, new costumes, arenas, characters and more. Unfortunately, recent iterations have decided to focus less on the shopping and more on terrifying the player. Yeah, we’re talking about those giant spiders.

With gear and loot becoming an integral part of the game now, with players able to earn character accessories in other modes, the existence of a Krypt in Mortal Kombat 11 might not be necessary, but more than anything, can we have no jump scares please? I’m here to play a fighting game, not to have my pants turn brown.


5. Some Actual Switch Footage

Perhaps the most surprising announcement during the Mortal Kombat 11 announcement at The Game Awards was that the game would be coming to the Switch, but since that announcement, we’re yet to see what the game will look like on Nintendo’s console. Furthermore, UK retailers have listed the Switch release as two weeks after the rest of the world on May 10th.

It’s no secret that MK 11 would have to receive a bit of a downgrade on the Switch in order for the console to cope with the game’s gory demands, but the fact we haven’t seen anything yet worries me. The last time Mortal Kombat was to be ported to a less powerful console (MK X for 360/PS3), the project got cancelled. Fingers crossed that the Switch doesn’t receive the same fate.


6. Ultra Instinct Shaggy

Enough said.

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