Minecraft: How To Make A Shield

How to Make a Shield in Minecraft
How to Make a Shield in Minecraft

In the old days of Minecraft, combat was simple enough, where you only had to spam-click your mouse button to attack your opponent. However, after the Minecraft 1.9 combat update, everything has completely changed.

Attacking now has a cooldown, and there is a new item that you can use to block the others’ attack called a Shield. Are you interested in improving your combat? Here’s how to make a shield in Minecraft.


Minecraft Shield Guide

Minecraft Shield Materials

Although a shield is extremely useful in some dangerous situations, making one is effortless because the recipe is simple, and you can get your hand on the materials quite early in the game.


6x Planks

Minecraft Planks
Minecraft Planks

Planks are one of the most common materials in Minecraft. You can obtain them quickly by chopping down some trees. And any tree type works fine.

Logs, stripped logs, stems, or hyphae are good sources to craft Planks. You can find logs in the forest, stripped logs in some structures like the villages, and stems or hyphae in the forest in the Nether dimension.

With the new Minecraft update, you can also use new wood types, such as cherry or bamboo, to make a shield.

Planks can also naturally generate in most Minecraft structures like mineshafts, strongholds, villages, woodland mansions, shipwrecks, and pillager outposts. You will need an axe to harvest the Planks quickly.


1x Iron Ingot

Minecraft Iron
Minecraft Iron

Iron Ingot is the most basic ingot in the game. You can obtain it by smelting iron ores, deepslate iron ores, or raw irons in the furnaces. So, let’s prepare your gear and venture deep down the caves in Minecraft.

Most chests spawn inside structures in Minecraft have a decent chance to contain 1-9 Iron Ingots. You can also craft 9 Iron Ingots from a Block of Iron or an Iron Ingot using 9 Iron Nuggets.

Mobs like zombies, zombie villagers, and husks have a tiny chance to drop an Iron Ingot on death. Since the probability is lower than 1%, mining underground is still the best way to obtain some Iron Ingots.


Minecraft Shield Crafting

Craft a Shield in Minecraft
Craft a Shield in Minecraft

When you have all the Planks and an Iron Ingot, right-click on the Crafting Table. Next, put the Iron Ingot in the middle slot of the top row. Then put the Planks in the V shape to craft a Shield.

In addition, you can trade 5 emeralds with the armorer villager for a Shield. If you can’t find one, you can transform an unemployed villager into an armorer villager with a blast furnace.

If you want to refresh your shield, you can combine two broken shields in the anvil for a new one. Or you can repair your shield with a wooden plank if you like.

Minecraft is available now.

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