Memories of Green #11

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Date – 19/05/2089

Subject – Postponed.


Fuck. I’ve been here or almost half a month only for Cypher to tell me that the interview is going to have to be rescheduled? What a joke. This is just my luck. They didn’t even tell me when they want to reschedule for, bastards.

Got to Cypher this morning, smartly dressed, suited up, with the new bag Jo got me. Was really nervous on the train, I swear the rest of the passangers were deliberately sitting away from me. Was surprising how empty the building looked compared to the other day when me and Fixxxer went there. For a company that’s on the forefront of commercial technological developments, you’d expect the lobby to be a little busier. The receptionist looked really nervous when she told me that they’d have to reschedule my interview, no explanation, great. I noticed a few people shuffling around in the background, they almost looked scared to be there. Plenty of stony faced suits in one of the lifts too. What happened to exciting, informal, corporate America? This is nothing like any of the other companies I’ve interviewed at. Hell, this is nothing like when I stopped by the other day. It all looked so busy then? Something’s happened, I wish I knew what.

While I was on the train back to my hotel I saw a couple of kids spraying an Administration poster. One of those “Unity in Patriotism!” ones? Looked like harmless tagging, kids being kids. Before they knew it, two C.P guys appeared out of a car and pushed them to the ground. Pushed their heads to the asphalt with their boots. The train pulled off before I could see what happened next. Jesus, I know we’re in Washington but is there really any need to be so tough on kids? Maybe the Administration really have a problem with Jimbo proclaiming his “luv” for Hayley in “2k89”. I don’t know, seemed pretty harsh though, they were just kids.

Anyway, I’m going to sign off now, the building next to me just had a brownout and I don’t wanna get cut off before I can post this.

By the way, Jo, I know you’re reading these. Call me soon, we’ll have to talk about this. Maybe the paper can fly you out. I don’t know. Call me. I love you.




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