Mega Cat Studios Releasing 3 Mega Drive Games In The Year Of Our Lord 2020

It's the Mega Drive. Genesis is a band, not a console.


Mega Cat Studios have announced that they’re launching 3 brand new SEGA Mega Drive games in the year of our Lord 2020. And yes, it’s the SEGA Mega Drive, not the SEGA Genesis. This is a hill that I will die on.

The three games in question are Yazzie, GLUF and Arkagis Revolution, all three of which were developed by RetroSouls & Sik. Yazzie and GLUF are both platformers, with Yazzie seeing a gold digger exploring a dangerous mansion, while GLUF is about a Tesla Frog. Don’t look at me, the press release says “Tesla Frog”. Meanwhile, Arkagis Revolution is a top down shooter that’s as hectic as they come.

All three games are available to order from the Mega Cat Studios website, and each game will boast multi-region support ensuring that you’ll be able to play your game regardless of whether your console is from the US, Europe or Japan. You can also order authentic cases with proper manuals, and these can come in Mega Drive and Genesis variants. Are you interested in picking up these physical games? Sound off in the comments.

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