Is Marvel’s Iron Man Coming to Game Pass?

I'm Iron Man.

Marvel's Iron Man
Marvel's Iron Man

Besides Marvel’s Spider-Man, the Marvel’s superheroes haven’t been able to find a solid footing in the video game space. The recent Avengers game fiasco has left a bad taste, but be that as it may, Marvel is still trying to expand into the industry, and their first unofficial step seems to be having Marvel’s Iron Man be developed by EA Motive.

One of the most asked questions about Marvel’s Iron Man is whether it’ll hit Xbox Game Pass. It’s a bang-for-the-buck service, so it isn’t odd for people to be asking about that already, especially since other Marvel games are on there or have been at one point in time. While we can’t say for sure what will happen, we do have some indications of when the title might arrive on the service.


Marvel’s Iron Man on Game Pass

Though details on Marvel’s Iron Man are scarce, it’s very likely that it will end up on Game Pass Ultimate via EA Play. However, that won’t be until at least 6-10 months after launch since that’s how long it usually takes new AAA games by EA to make their way onto its subscription service. Those who subscribe to Game Pass Ultimate will also gain access to everything on EA Play, though not EA Play Pro, EA’s PC-only service that gives players access to all of their games on day one.

A small possibility exists that a demo for Marvel’s Iron Man is made accessible to members of EA Play. The best bet there would be to snag a Game Pass Ultimate subscription as EA Play comes included with it as a freebie.


About Marvel’s Iron Man

After Marvel’s Iron Man was formally revealed in September 2022, it entered full production later in February 2023. Apart from that, we have little to go on, and lots to speculate about. We do know that it is going to be a single-player narrative-driven IP, and while its open-world nature is questionable, there’s a strong chance that’s how things will pan out.

Furthermore, EA Motive is helming Marvel’s Iron Man, and their trackrecord consists of the Dead Space Remake and Star Wars: Squadrons, both of which are spectacular titles. A little while ago, a job listing for an Unreal Engine 5 developer at EA Motive surfaced online, so we might have figured out which engine Marvel’s Iron Man will be rocking.

The world is still recovering from the Marvel’s Avengers trauma, but EA has created some killer single-player titles recently like the Star Wars: Jedi series, and hopefully, the upcoming Marvel’s Iron Man and Black Panther games are equally as awesome.

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