Manhunt-Inspired Christmas Massacre Slashes Onto PS4 & PS5 This November

Christmas Massacre
Christmas Massacre

Before the biggest horror of the year (Mariah Carey being wheeled out of her tomb to relentlessly come after your ears for the better part of a month even though The Darkness’ Christmas song is objectively better), Puppet Combo have decided to get everyone in the festive spirit a little early this year. Christmas Massacre, originally released on Steam in 2021, is coming to PS4 and PS5 on November 17th, 2023.

Basically low-poly Hitman if Agent 47 had the subtlety of Mariah Carey in an ASMR booth, Christmas Massacre is a stealth slasher inspired by the likes of Manhunt in which you, a rather crusty lookin’ Santa, must hunt down ne’er-do-wells without getting caught. Here’s more of a synopsis:

In 1959, on a fateful December 25th, young Larry’s hopes of attending the Christmas party at his Catholic school are dashed by the head nun’s refusal. Consumed by rage, he takes up a knife and embarks on a brutal spree, leaving behind a trail of carnage and a wounded nun.

Fast forward 20 years to December 23, 1979. Larry, now living alone, decorates his home for Christmas. It is at this point that his Christmas tree comes to life, commanding Larry to exact vengeance upon the naughty. Larry dons a sinister Santa costume and, with his trusty van, sets out on a merciless mission to avenge his past. As the body count rises, Larry’s sanity teeters on the brink, leaving players to question the reality of his actions and the eerie guidance of his bloodthirsty Christmas tree.

Prepare for a holiday season like no other as Christmas Massacre delivers a brutal, unforgettable, and deranged journey into the depths of the human psyche.   Are you ready to decide who’s been naughty this year and deliver the deadliest presents of them all?

And here’s a trailer for the Steam version of the game:

Priced at $11.99, Christmas Massacre comes from the minds behind Murder House and Stay Out of the House (you’d think the existence of a Murder House would make the latter obvious), so you know you’re in for rootin, tootin’, blood-shootin’ time.

It’s interesting that there are so few games in general that are set around Christmas time, with Miles Morales maybe being the best one. What’s your favourite?

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