Where to Buy Pokémon: Paradox Rift Cards in the UK

Paradox Rift Cards UK
Paradox Rift Cards UK

If you feel like the Pokémon TCG has had a wild amount of new sets lately, you’re not the only one. Following Obsidian Flames and the smash hit success that was 151, Scarlet & Violet is getting a third expansion in almost as many months. There’s no time to catch your breath, as Paradox Rift is here.

The most experimental set in SV so far, Paradox Rift’s unique mechanic is that it features Future and Ancient versions of cards, much like how the games go back into the past or into the future depending on which game you play. We will also be getting a range of new Ex cards that are Terastallized, with Paradox Rift looking like it could be one of the most fascinating sets arguably since the launch of base. But where can you get your hands on some Paradox Rift cards in the UK?

There’s a raft of options available for Paradox Rift, ranging from simple booster packs to two ETBs to booster boxes and more. It’s also nice to see The Pokémon Company continue to offer booster bundles with six packs inside, but they’re also wheeling out the Build & Battle Box, a compilation featuring a ready to play deck, a unique foil promo, and 4 booster packs.

With an official release date of November 3rd, 2023 that follows up a pre-release launch for select events and retailers, here’s where you need to go to get your hands on Paradox Rift cards if you’re looking to pack ’em all in the TCG.


Buy Pokémon: Paradox Rift Cards Online

Paradox Rift
Paradox Rift

There are no huge surprises when it comes to where to nab some Paradox Rift cards for those shopping online in the UK. The Pokémon Center website, Smyths, HMV, and Amazon are probably the largest distributors, though bear in mind that you may want to just double check who you’re buying from on the latter.

Elsewhere, smaller retailers like Magic Madhouse and Total Cards are worth checking out, and you may even get lucky with some sellers on eBay. However, just remember: if a deal appears to be too good to be true, it almost definitely is.

Here’s a few recommended places to pick up Paradox Rift:

– Amazon
– Magic Madhouse
– Smyths
– Total Cards

Bear in mind that your order may be placed on back order due to high demand; we pre-ordered an ETB from Amazon a month ago and it will still be delayed. Similarly, it looks like stocks are all fully gone directly from Pokémon Center at the time of writing.


Buy Pokémon: Paradox Rift Cards on the High Street

Paradox Rift boosters
Paradox Rift boosters

There’s nothing more frustrating that trying to find Pokémon cards out in the wild sometimes, as stocks of the newest sets barely ever last. However, we think Smyths and WHSmith are probably your best bet for having cards on release day, as we know for certain that WHSmith will hold them back until release day to sell in-store.

Here’s a few places we recommend:

– Smyths
– Tofs (The Old Factory Shop)
– WHSmith

Tofs might be a surprising shop to find Pokémon cards in, but we found half a dozen 151 booster bundles in there not long ago when they’re pretty much extinct at retail. It seems some people don’t even bother to look there.

Just remember how quickly 151 disappeared from the high street when you decide to try and set out on an adventure to find some out in the wild; they’re even already sold out on the Pokémon Center website. It might be worth calling up your local shop before you make the journey to see if they have any stock.

Again, as already mentioned: if a deal is too good to be true, it probably is. If your local shop is selling cards for like £2, that should be setting off some red flags. Be sure to check the crimp of the packet; if it’s jagged, then that’s the easiest way of spotting a fake.

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