Lupin: Season 3 – Release Date, Cast & What You Should Know 

Hold on to your purses folks, Lupin's back in town

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Netflix’s crime-drama Lupin raked in nearly 76 million viewers with its first season in 2021, that’s among the biggest numbers ever a series has done for the service. Keeping note of the breakthrough performance, Netflix had the second season out by the end of the year which was received just as well. But even though the second season has finished, Assane’s story is far from over as Lupin: Season 3 is already being fast-tracked for a release.

Assane was last seen fleeing from Paris as the police had called on a manhunt to capture him. A synopsis for Lupin: Season 3 reads that Assane’s in hiding, but since his heart still aches to be with his family, he decides to return to Paris despite the city being on high alert. This is just a teaser of what the third season will be about, and there’s so much more Netflix revealed which you can read about below.


When Is Lupin: Season 3 Coming Out?

Lupin: Season 3 will start streaming on October 5, 2023, only on Netflix. Just like the previous two seasons, the third one will release with dubbing in multiple languages besides French, and surprisingly, it’ll have 7 episodes, which is two episodes more than what we usually get.

Filming for the third part began back in late 2021, but it wasn’t until April 2023 that Netflix formally announced Lupin: Season 3’s release date. A teaser trailer for the new season is out too, and as the air date fast approaches, anticipate a main trailer to drop at any moment.

Lupin fans must be overjoyed at the rapid renewals, unfortunately, it’s hard to say the same for devotees of Netflix’s other hit dramas like Vincenzo, and Alice in Borderland. Be that as it may, getting another installment for the rivetting French chronicle about the infamous gentleman thief is a win nonetheless, and hopefully just the beginning of a series of them.


Who Is In The Cast of Lupin: Season 3?

Series showrunner George Kay said much about how the world of Lupin: Season 3 will evolve; bigger heists, different places, and new faces. But when asked specifically about the additions to the cast, he told the fans to wait and be amazed.

The returning cast members on the other hand aren’t a secret. Omar Sy will again be portraying the gentleman thief Assane Diop, who himself is trying to play a modernized version of the titular fictional character Arsène Lupin. Furthermore, Ludivine Sagnier and Etan Simon will both reprise their roles as Assane’s wife Claire and his son Raoul respectively.

Besides the cast playing Assane and his family, Antoine Gouy is going to return as Benjamin Fere, Soufiane Guerrab as Detective Youssef, and Shirine Boutella as Lt. Sofia Belkacem in Lupin: Season 3. As for the overarching antagonist Hubert, he was taken into police custody in the previous season’s finale, so it’s hard to say what fate awaits the character — and the actor.

Lupin: Season 3 is still far out right now, and it’s only normal if your body is shivering in anticipation. Luckily, where there’s a brilliant thief, there’s always a clever detective lurking nearby, and in this case, it’s Luther, so definitely check out Netflix’s recent thriller masterpiece.

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