Justin Symbol Releases Warlock Music Video As A Halloween Treat

Source: Justinsymbol.com

Early this morning, Justin Symbol quietly released the music video for the song “Warlock” from his album Fuckboi, released earlier this year.

Symbol is probably best known for his album Voidhead, which featured former Marilyn Manson guitarist Daisy Berkowitz  playing guitar on three of its tracks.

His music is a cool throwback to 90’s pop industrial music, though he’s always pushing that sound into new territory. The Fuckboi EP is heavily influenced by hip-hop while still retaining its electronic rock-n-roll darkness. Fuckboi is a cleverly ironic album, taking aim at toxic masculinity and misogyny in a wonderfully parodic way.

The video looks to be shot in a mix of formats, including super-8 and video, though it’s possible the whole thing was done digitally. No director is credited, which means it was most likely directed by Symbol himself, who is quite skilled in that area, having directed his previous videos. He’s a freelance video editor at Vice.

The “Warlock” video is as ironic as its source material. It pokes fun at booty-shaking music video tropes and pop-star posturing.

The video stars Ashley Bad, Peter Ferreira, Harry Alex Else, and Stevie Camal. If you’re in New York City tonight, Symbol is performing at Rumpus Room at the Outrage Halloween HellNight party.

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