INTERVIEW: Erick Hansel of CHON

CHON are one of the craziest bands around at the minute, and guitarist Erick Hansel dropped by to give us an insight into all the madness.


CHON are one of those bands who are seemingly impossible to pin down. Described by some as a progressive rock band, their style ranges far beyond that, moving into jazz, funk and more recently electronic avenues reminiscent of some psychedelic indie video-game score. It seems like, with each new release, they smash the refresh button and start building again almost from the ground up, and never has that been more apparent than with their latest record, Homey.

Homey is only their second full length album, put out by DC/LA label Sumerian. It’s an intense listen, but also a though provoking one, featuring some brand new areas of exploration for the band like electronic distortions and vocals. Some of those vocals were provided by guitarist Erick Hansel, who was kind enough to have a quick chat with us about the album and the subsequent tour.

You’ve just come to the end of an extensive tour, how has the crowd responded to the new material, by and large?
Sick. It’s all been very sick.

You brought more electronic sounds into this album, how did that process gel with the live instrumentation, did it bring any new or unexpected challenges?
There’s always ways to make something work live. Like a re-write or something. We haven’t played any of the electronic songs live yet. But, I’m sure there’s gonna be something… something fussy. It’ll workout though I promise.

You used effects pedals a lot more for this one, do you think you’ll keep using them for future projects or was this a brief dalliance?

You’ve said before that you’re big gamers, were any games in particular getting a lot of play while you were recording Homey?
While we were recording? Nah, not at all really. But we play Super Smash like mad, and Overwatch. Just started playing PUBG actually. It’s intense.

Likewise you’re all into cooking, has this tour had a particular signature dish or did you try and mix it up?
We hit Panera Bread a lot. It’s our only option sometimes.

How is Erick’s painting coming along?
“It’s laying around here somewhere.”

Are there any plans to tour abroad on the horizon?
Yea, going to Japan would be cool. Always wanted to go there. Anywhere though. I’m down.

If there was any one country outside of the US you’d love to play, where would it be?

If you could curate your own festival, who would you headline acts be?
I wouldn’t know how to run a festival lol. But it’d be dope to see Kendrick, FlyLo, and Mac DeMarco in one day.

CHON are back on tour again in the US in September and they’re coming to the UK in October, check the dates here.


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