Hideo Kojima Insists Death Stranding Will Be Released on PS4

Image Source: vg247

Hideo Kojima has confirmed that his latest project Death Stranding will be released on the PS4 and will not be a PS5 title as many had feared. Kojima also stated that the game already had a release date – but stopped short of revealing when that is.

Speaking about the game during the Game Creators panel at RTX Sydney 2017, Kojima was keen to clarify the misconception that he is willing to push back a game’s release in order to achieve perfection. Kojima revealed that the long development times of his previous games were all by design and that he always works within an organised and defined schedule and insisted that Death Stranding will be a PS4 and PS4 Pro game and not pushed back to the PS5.

Kojima re-confirmed that Death Stranding will be an open-world game and that ‘players can expect a large degree of freedom and that they will be able to do pretty much whatever they want to in this world’. Kojima also stated that his new game won’t be a VR-title on launch but said he was open to the possibility of a VR support being added post-launch.

On the game development progress, Kojima stated that Kojima Productions have been working closely with Guerilla Games on modifying and adapting the Decima game engine to suit the game’s photo-realistic graphical requirements.

While Death Stranding is still a long way off, fans should take comfort in the information provided so far. Kojima has a clear vision of how he wants to make the game and even stated that: ‘Sony was willing to give him total creative freedom to make the game he wants’. Kojima said this was an important part of his decision to partner with Sony as he wanted to make a game that a lot of people will enjoy and that will give them an equally large amount of freedom when playing the game.

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