Hawaii Five-0: Season 10 – Episode 12 REVIEW

Five-0's winter premiere perfectly blends two Hawaiian shows into one.

hawaii five-0 Ka Wa a Ka Ua

“Ihea ‘Oe I Ka Wa a Ka Ua E Loku Ana?” blends two Hawaiian police procedural classics into one: the reimagined versions of Hawaii Five-0 and Magnum P.I. This crossover inserts a new dynamic into the Five-0 set-up, notably with the cocky Magnum and the uptight Higgins introducing a whole new brand of bickering, culture clashes (notably with Higgins, who is English) and senses of humor. The crossover has been long-awaited since the debut of the remake of Magnum P.I. in 2018, and it did not disappoint.

Cultured Vultures spoilers

One of the focal points of the episode was the rapport between Steve and Magnum (Jay Hernandez). With Danny’s absence this episode, Steve and Magnum partner up after Magnum’s and Five-0’s cases suddenly become connected.

Steve is Steve, taking charge and watching over those around him. Magnum continuously tries to impress Five-0’s leader, which is both amusing and awkward at times, especially when Higgins (Perdita Weeks) directly calls Magnum out on his true intentions of trying to show up Steve. The two also share something of a power struggle, noticeably with Steve driving Magnum’s Ferrari. Steve likes to drive and often commandeers cars, regardless of the owner. How he got Magnum to agree to this arrangement is unknown, but while Magnum might not be crazy about it, he’s laid back enough to accept it.

Magnum and Steve’s rapport is more enjoyable to watch than Steve’s and Danno’s in certain ways. For one, the two have more in common, having once been Navy SEALs. They are opposites, but not so completely different that they keep clashing, like Steve and Danny tend to do. Magnum may be cocky, but he’s far more laid back than Danny, and like Steve, isn’t afraid to break the rules.

O’Loughlin has played Steve longer than Hernandez has portrayed Magnum. O’Loughlin’s seniority carries onto the screen in a manner of speaking, particularly in the dynamic between Steve and Magnum. There’s a feeling of mutual respect between the two, but O’Loughlin takes the lead.

While I missed Danny’s absence, I did appreciate that the episode made several references to Danny’s and Steve’s partnership. Tani and Lou joke that Magnum’s and Higgins’s bickering resembles that of Steve’s and Danny’s, and the brief discussion that Magnum and Steve shared regarding Steve’s control issues and driving in general while in the car is another echo of the early seasons of Steve’s and Danny’s relationship.

Both O’Loughlin’s and Hernandez’s performances as their respective characters were concrete and entertaining. Both remained in perfect harmony with each other, providing solid and fluent performances throughout. It made it interesting to see their characters cross paths and interact for the remainder of the episode, finding that though they differ in some ways, they are the same in the ways that count. That is, saving people and doing the right thing.

I found it interesting that Higgins and Tani shared the connection they did. On the surface, it wouldn’t seem that these two would have much to talk about, but they end up bonding over workplace romances, and the fact that Tani was clearly impressed with Higgins’s previous association with MI-6.

Higgins shares her experiences, which prompts Tani to reconsider acting upon her feelings for Junior. Tani initially deflects and points out that she sees a similar spark going on between Higgins and Magnum, clearly uncomfortable. In any case, it has taken quite some time for Tani to reach some kind of conclusion, but thanks to Higgins the painful wait is over. Somewhat.

Tani and Junior’s blossoming relationship is one of the show’s most drawn-out storylines. Though Tani finally took the first step and made a move, it doesn’t seem like the show is done spinning out their storyline just yet, given the episode’s ending leaves it on a cliffhanger as Junior is attacked by an assailant in his car. This likely means Junior won’t make his date with Tani, which may further delay their relationship. Just when it looks like the storyline will finally change into something else, something else forces it to remain how it is, which is beyond frustrating.

The plot’s pace was faster than usual and had something happening every moment in “Ihea ‘Oe I Ka Wa a Ka Ua E Loku Ana?”. Bachman–Turner Overdrive’s “Takin’ Care of Business” is what greets our ears as Five-0 is rushing to a hotel, and it’s the perfect song given the episode’s content. Five-0 is following up last week’s episode by pursuing a tip on Daiyu Mei’s activities, and Magnum and Higgins, believing they’re looking into a potentially philandering husband, get the surprise of their lives when they find that their client’s husband is connected to Five-0’s case and winds up killed.

Junior, Lou, and Quinn seem to be more along the lines of background characters this episode, leaving Magnum, Steve, Higgins, and Tani at the forefront. Their different rapports were both interesting and entertaining, which I think would make a great foundation for future crossovers – this one left me wanting to see more screen time with these characters together, and certainly with Danny included at some point.

There were plenty of jokes, but nothing that was pushing the limit or that turned stale due to overuse. My personal favorites were Steve and Magnum bonding while investigating a house over rule-breaking, Lou referencing “Beetlejuice”, Steve and Magnum discussing Robin Masters and the identity of “The White Knight”, and Higgins giving Tani a knowing look when she compliments Junior, clearly flirting with him. One thing that did go out of style quickly, however, was Higgins’s attitude upon meeting Five-0.

Steve mentions that he likes Higgins, but I had to agree to disagree. Usually Higgins is difficult, mostly with Magnum, but her childishness and impudence wouldn’t have been a very good first impression. Admittedly Higgins and Magnum’s first meeting with Five-0 was brusque, which was likely a contributing factor to Higgins’s original behavior. It’s likely an example of a cultural clash to Higgins’s English upbringing. In the beginning, it didn’t make much sense, as Higgins proved to be very cooperative and helpful for the remainder of the episode. Maybe Higgins was just in a bad mood at the moment, or the culture clash had shaken her up a bit? Whatever the reason, it made Weeks’s performance a little shaky as her character seemed to switch moods without much warning.

“Ihea ‘Oe I Ka Wa a Ka Ua E Loku Ana?” even spared enough time to include Adam, albeit briefly. He’s clearly still following a bad path, as we see him leaving the country, and it doesn’t seem like he intends to meet up with Tani to discuss recent events. It’s almost like Adam is starting to become a lost cause, though I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s an attempt in the near future to help him get out of whatever predicament has now befallen him.

Nonetheless, these were minor details in what was overall a well-constructed episode. Fans were excitedly awaiting this premiere episode for weeks, some waiting ever since the first episode of Magnum P.I. back in the Fall of 2018. With Oahu being a relatively small world, the characters of Five-0 and Magnum P.I. were destined to meet at some point, and the writers deserve much commendation for the way they structured the episode to ensure a brilliant delivery.

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hawaii five-0 Ka Wa a Ka Ua
The rapport is primarily easygoing, the plot is well-structured and suited, and the acting is entertaining. Crossovers are not an easy enterprise to conquer, but if anyone can manage it, it’s Steve McGarrett and Thomas Magnum.