Fortnite’s Shadow Bomb Trailer Makes It Look Very OP

Fortnite is weird.

Fortnite Shadow bomb 1

The newest item for Fortnite, the Shadow Bomb, has been given its very own trailer which seems to suggest that it will be vaulted very soon after the community agrees that it is seriously overpowered and has no place in the game.

“Become one with the shadows. Increase your speed, become invisible to enemies and perform double jumps!”

As the video demonstrates, those using the Shadow Bomb are able to jump extra high, move extra fast, and climb up walls. It’s basically a very “extra” item and one that should perhaps not be added during World Cup season.

In its defense, though, Shadow Bombs can only be used for six seconds and players are unable to build or use weapos while under its influence, so maybe there will be some balance to the item after all.

Anyone who hated Season 6 (the worst of all Fortnite seasons, in my opinion) will not like to see the Shadow Stones make a pseudo-return here as part of the v8.51 update, which has pretty much no other changes.

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