Fortnite v10.20: Drum Gun, Storm Flip & Storm Scout Vaulted

The community won't like the Drum Gun going.

Drum Gun

Fortnite v10.20 is probably the biggest patch we’ve seen since the start of Season X, it bringing with it a Borderlands crossover with a new Rift Zone, a new item, and further nerfs to the BRUTE to make it always appear on the mini-map. When Epic gives, however, they also take away by vaulting some items.

The Drum Gun is the biggest one here, it getting vaulted for the second time after being returned by public vote after the unvaulting event at the end of Season 8. It had some nerfs and became less viable, though the fact that it has been re-vaulted is unlikely to go down well with players who voted it back in.

The Storm Flip has run its course, it already being removed from competitive playlists and easily countered in regular play. There was a big furore over it when it was first added in, but it became mostly ignored.

The Storm Scout Sniper Rifle is probably the biggest surprise, it barely being part of the game for long before it was vaulted. It’s an odd choice, but perhaps with the Hunting Rifle now being a part of the loot pool with it being found at Tilted Town and the rather underwhelming VSS that is so meh that I’ve forgotten its name, there was one too many snipers.

Epic didn’t release their reasoning behind the vaultings, so it will be interesting to see how the community reacts to them without specifics.

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