Fortnite: The Big Chill Grenade Launcher Stats & Location

Maybe chill on the price of this one.

The Big Chill Exotic

With the special season now upon us, it should come as no surprise that the guys at Epic Games are getting into the spirit with new Christmas items, including Exotics. The Dragon’s Breath Sniper Rifle looks like thawing the ice away, but The Big Chill is about making the most of that ice.

Added during Fortnite v15.10, The Big Chill is another Exotic item in a season that’s full of them. Whereas the Boom Sniper Rifle and The Dub are all about causing huge damage and destruction, The Big Chill is a Grenade Launcher that works a little differently — and arguably not that impressively, either.

Here’s everything you need to know about the The Big Chill grenade launcher in Fortnite.


The Big Chill Stats & Tips

As The Big Chill isn’t really a weapon, there’s not many stats worth sharing apart from the fact that it takes six explosive/rocket ammo before it needs to reload. It has the same animations as the classic Grenade Launcher.

As for how to use The Big Chill in Fortnite, it works a lot like the old Chiller Grenades (remember them?) from Chapter 1 in that it turns yours and enemies’ feet to ice and makes every player slide all over the place.

The fact that it does zero damage makes it an interesting, albeit not brilliant not item for Fortnite. While it’s good for getting some distance between you and an opponent, the only way to actually use it offensively is to send an opponent flying off a cliff to make them take fall damage.

It could actually be useful for you as a utility item to help you get around the map, however. You go much faster when you have the ice effect status applied to your feet, so if you can’t use sand tunneling or just want to stay low to the ground so you don’t get lit up with a Shockwave in the sky, it might not be the worst choice ever.


The Big Chill Location & Price

Fortnite The Big Chill
Fortnite The Big Chill

The Big Chill can be found at a landmark by the name of Snow Cone Food Truck, which is the southeastern side of the map. To be more exact, it’s on a cliff overlooking Catty Corner, where you used to be able to claim the Kit Launcher.

Once you land at Snow Cone Food Truck, you should see the Snowmando NPC, who will also be a free skin this Christmas. Talk to him and he will sell you The Big Chill for 1,455 Gold Bars.

Fortnite The Big Chill
Fortnite The Big Chill

This is, honestly, far too much for this Exotic, which also makes it the most Exotic item in the whole of Fortnite. While it’s definitely a neat item, the fact that it doesn’t do any damage and that it takes the rarest ammo to find means that The Big Chill is an Exotic that is just far too overpriced. We don’t recommend that you buy it at all — it’s just not worth the investment in Gold Bars, which are also heavy investment in terms of time.

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