Fortnite Season X Road Trip: Destroy Stop Signs With The Catalyst Outfit Locations

Stop: challenge time.

Fortnite Stop Signs

Fortnite Season X (10) has landed and along with it a complete reworking of the challenge system. Instead of the standard seven weekly challenges a week, we instead receive a more involved set of themed challenges on a weekly basis. These challenges – unlike previous seasons – are tiered. What this means is, you are required to complete earlier challenges in the set to unlock later challenges. The more milestones within a set you complete, the more rewards you receive, with there being two major rewards at the major milestones. The challenges themselves are, from what we’ve witnessed, nothing too mind-blowing, mostly stuff we’ve seen before.

Season X has dropped with three sets of ‘weekly’ challenges to get us rolling: Road Trip, Level-Headed and Rumble Royale. Destroying stop signs is part of the Road Trip series of challenges, which keeps it inline with its theme. This challenge requires you destroy ten stop signs while wearing the Catalyst outfit.


Catalyst Outfit

Catalyst Style 1
Catalyst Style 1

The first step to completing this challenge is to equip the Catalyst outfit. There shouldn’t be any issues here as the Catalyst outfit is unlocked once you purchase the Season X Battle Pass, which is also required to unlock this challenge. Just make sure you equip it from the locker before you tackle this challenge.


Stop Sign

Fortnite Stop Sign

This is the fandangled sign you need to destroy ten of to complete this challenge. It doesn’t necessarily matter how you destroy it (pickaxe, gun, brute, doesn’t matter), just that it is destroyed by your hand.

The biggest difficulty with this challenge is finding the signs. The first issue is that the stop signs themselves don’t particularly congregate in any specific area (with one exception), which means a fair bit of travelling to track them down. The second issue is that they’re quite small and easy to miss while being easily confused with no parking, speed limit and give way signs. The final issue is that they’re quite fragile and easily destroyed, which means a large swathe of them are destroyed each game as collateral damage, limiting your options.

Now this all seems particularly gruesome, except there is one exception that makes this challenge much easier. That exception is Pleasant Park. Pleasant Park contains an inordinate amount of stop signs compared to most other locations (often two right next to each other at a Zebra crossing). I counted eight in total, which is two short being able to complete the challenge in one location.

Neo Tilted doesn’t contain as many stop signs as you might expect and neither does Mega Mall.


Stop Sign Map

Fortnite Stop Signs map

This is not a comprehensive list of all the stop signs on the map at the moment, far from it. However, it does provide a nice short hand reference to where you can find some of them, including those more densely packed. The best strategy for completing this challenge quickly is to try to beeline for Pleasant Park as often as possible. If the Battle Bus doesn’t pass closeby, that’s even better as there will be less competition for the signs and people around to shoot you in general, so make an extra effort to head there during these times.

Remember, to complete this challenge, you need to destroy ten in total while wearing the Catalyst outfit. This isn’t an overly strenuous ask, but a tad tedious as the stop signs are easily confused with other signs and quite annoying to hunt down, if you’re not so lucky with Pleasant Park. The prestige version of this challenge, on the other hand, is another matter entirely.


Prestige Version

The prestige version of this mission is a bit trickier. It requires you only have to destroy seven stop signs, but in a single match. Suffice it to say, you’re basically bound to Pleasant Park if you’re aiming to get this challenge done, as stop signs in other locations are both too scarce and spread out to reasonably complete this challenge in other location.

The biggest issue is that while Pleasant Park contains enough stop signs alone to complete this challenge (eight), it only requires someone to destroy two signs before you have to go on a far riskier adventure across the map to complete it. Thankfully, with all the changes, Pleasant Park isn’t a particularly popular landing spot upon Season X’s release, so if you land here during a game where the Battle Bus isn’t nearby, you might be able to get away completing this relatively quickly. Happy hunting.

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