Fortnite Season X Blockbuster: Search Between A Rotary Phone, Fork-Knife, And A Hilltop House

Avenge the fallen or something.

Week 5 of Fortnite Season X is here and with it comes the Blockbuster mission. Compared to Week 4, this week’s offerings are much more substantial, varied and interesting. The theme for this mission is film.

This article focuses on the Prestige version of the scavenger hunt, which acts as harder but unique version of the normal scavenger hunt challenge. For this challenge, you’re asked to search between a rotary phone, a ‘fork-knife’ and a hilltop house full of Carbide and Omega posters.

Below is a map with all three landmarks circled: The rotary phone is circled in green, the fork-knife is circled in yellow and hilltop house is circled in blue. The treasure is circled in red.


Search Between A Rotary Phone, Fork-Knife, And A Hilltop House Map

Fortnite treasure hunt

The area this treasure hunt takes place is directly west of Fatal fields, mostly confined to F8 on the main map’s grid, so you’ll be focusing your efforts there.


Rotary Phone Location

Fortnite rotary phone

The rotary phone (circled in green) is located on top of a snowy hill west of Fatal Fields. It will be nestled amongst some trees and have the number for Durrr Burger on it. F9 on the main map’s grid.


Fork-Knife Location


The fork-knife (circled in yellow) is the most obvious of the three landmarks, visible from the main map. It’s a stone quarry slightly northwest of Fatal Fields. It’s located at F8 on the main map’s grid.


Hilltop House Location

Hilltop House

The last landmark is the hilltop house full of Carbide and Omega posters (circled in blue) and rest atop the green (i.e. not snowed on) hill directly west of Fatal Fields. It is located on the intersection of E8 and F8 on the main map’s grid.



Fortnite hunt

The treasure (circled in red) is located on a dirt patch just south of a small cabin in the area, which is also located at F8 on the main map’s grid. The catch is, currently there may be two spawns: the smaller dirt patch slightly more westward, or the larger dirt patch slightly closer to Fatal Fields (eastward). Either way, both patches are right next to each other and easily checked.


Video Guide

Completing this prestige challenge moves you closer to the ‘Wildstyle’ Teknique skin recolour, which is the capstone reward of the Blockbuster prestige mission.

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