Fortnite Season 9 Fortbyte #61: Accessible By Using Sunbird Spray On A Frozen Waterfall

Stay frosty.

Fortbyte 61

Fortnite Season 9 is entering Week 5 and the Fortbyte system cements its place as a well received addition to the seasonal changes. It’s likely we’ll see this system reappear in Season 10. The first Fortbyte for Week 5 is Fortbyte #61: Accessible By Using Sunbird Spray On A Frozen Waterfall Location.

The Fortbyte system is the culmination of Epic’s weekly challenges and their old fascination with treasure/scavenger hunt challenges. Everyday at 1pm GMT a Fortbyte is released for player consumption, with there being 100 Fortbytes in total. Rewards are similar to the Battle Pass in that they are cosmetic rewards and some Fortbytes require the Battle Pass to complete. Finally, each Fortbyte reveals a tile from a large image that promises to reveal the Season 9 time jump.

This piece focuses on Fortbyte #61: Accessible By Using Sunbird Spray On A Frozen Waterfall Location, which is a spray/emoticon based challenge requiring you achieve at least tier 26 on the free pass.


Fortbyte #61: Accessible By Using Sunbird Spray On A Frozen Waterfall Location

Fortbtye 61

The frozen waterfall referenced is the one that spills over from ‘Viking Village’. Viking Village isn’t its official name (being an unnamed location on the map), but there is a large mountain located just southeast of Snobby Shores, Viking Village is built atop this mountain. On the southern side of this mountain is the frozen waterfall. You can find it at B6 on the main map’s grid.


Fortbyte #61

Fortbyte 61

Fortbyte #61 is located not at the base of this frozen waterfall as you might think, but midway down. This waterfall is two-tiered, it drops from the top of Viking Village onto a flat surface halfway down the mountain before dropping the rest of the way down to ground level. It’s on this area between the mountain peak and ground floor you’ll find the Fortbyte.

You don’t need the Battle Pass to access this Fortbyte, but you will need to be tier 26 on the free tier to access the Sunbird Spray. You don’t need to spray the waterfall to access the Fortbyte, spraying the ground under the Fortbyte is enough to collect. Finally, be careful of the ice, it reduces your friction significantly, making it quite hard to stay still long enough to collect the Fortbyte.


Fortbyte #61 Video Guide

Still holding true to pattern, Fortbytes tend to be focused on descriptive clues which rely on players to have some knowledge of the map. Like Fortbyte #69, this one requires you have better knowledge of the older map than the newer Season 9 map. Finally, tier 26 on the free pass requires a decent amount of time investment to obtain without all the Battle Pass boosts and it will only get more demanding the further into Season 9 we progress.

This Fortbyte follows on from Wednesday’s Fortbyte #69 and Tuesday’s Fortbyte #76, but requires you have at least unlocked tier 26 on the free pass.

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