Fortnite v9.20 Leaked Skins: Bolt, Wonder, Plastic Trooper, Relay, Airhead & More

A tonne of new Fortnite skins.

Fortnite 9.20 leaked skins

As is the case almost every time we get a new update requiring downtime, a tonne of leaked Fortnite skins arrive with Fortnite v9.20. After everything from the last leak was eventually released over the course of two weeks, you may not have to wait too long to see these in the Item Shop either.

There’s an eclectic bunch of leaked skins to pore over; we will update this with more concrete info on them all as we get them.

This composite of all of the v9.20 leaked skins comes courtesy of @FunGamesLeaks, and there sure are a tonne of them this time.

v9.20 leAKED skins

To list them all off, they are:

– Desert Dominator
– Toy Trooper
– Plastic Trooper
– Wonder
– Shot Caller
– Neo Versa
– Callisto
– Airhead
– Relay
– Sandstorm
– Asmodeous
– Scimitar
– Bolt
– Unnamed alien skin

Here’s a closer look at the leaked skins, this time courtesy of @iScenario and @xkleinmikex. Rarities based on the leaks may not be accurate at release.


Bolt – Common

Fortnite Bolt

Fortnite Bolt

Cop or Not? Cop


Asmodeous – Rare



Cop or Not? Not

Two styles for this one.


Callisto – Rare


Callisto Fortnite

Cop or Not? Not


Airhead – Epic

Airhead Fortnite

Airhead Fortnite

So it looks like balloons are in Fortnite after all.

Cop or Not? Cop


Desert Dominator – Common

Fortnite Desert Dominator

Desert Dominator

Cop or Not? Cop


Shot Caller – Rare

Fortnite Shot Caller

Fortnite Shot Caller

Cop or Not? Not


Relay – Common

Fortnite Relay

Fortnite relay

Cop or Not? Not


Plastic Patroller – Common

Plastic Patroller Fortnite

Trooper Fortnite

Two styles here by the looks of things.

Cop or Not? Cop


Toy Trooper – Common

toy Trooper fortnite

Trooper Fortnite 2

Cop or Not? Cop

And multiple styles here, too.


Wonder – Epic

Wonder Fortnite

Cop or Not? Cop


Neo Versa – Epic

Cop or Not? Not


Unnamed Alien Skin – TBC

Fortnite Alien Skin

Cop or Not? Cop

What’s your favourite skin out of this bunch?

Worth remembering: while these skins are found in the Fortnite files, there’s no real telling when they will actually be sold. As we’ve seen with Gemini and Onesie before that, a leaked skin might take a long time before it officially drops — if it drops at all.

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