Fortnite Season 8 Guide: Search For Buried Treasure

The X 'gon give it to ya.

Fortnite Season 8, Week 4 has landed and with it comes a thematically appropriate version of the ‘treasure hunt’ style challenge that were prolific in earlier seasons. Epic has introduced a new item two weeks ago called ‘Buried Treasure’, which is essentially a treasure map. Week 4 sees the introduction of a challenge leveraging this new item by asking you to complete two treasure hunts. The Buried Treasure item itself is rather unique in how it behaves, so a primer on how it works should help with completing the challenge.


Buried Treasure Item

Fortnite Buried Treasure Challenge

The Buried Treasure item is rather unique as far as Fortnite is concerned, being an item that provides no tangible benefit straight away. First, you must equip the item (via your inventory slots, same way you would a gun) which will prompt your to character pull out a map, this in turn makes a few indicators visible. The first is a golden light shaft that shoots directly into the sky, this looks very similar to the old light shafts used before the ping update. The second is a red dashed line will be drawn from your character in the direction of the light shaft.


Buried Treasure Light Shaft

Fortnite Buried Treasure Challenge

The source of this light will be a giant black ‘X marks the spot’ on the ground that you will only be able to see at a distance while your map is out. Once you get closer to the X, it will remain visible and the map is no longer mandatory.


X Marks The Spot

Buried Treasure

Once you reach the spot, you’ll need to strike the centre of the X roughly five times to dig up a glittering ‘pirate chest’. Beware you’re quite vulnerable while digging up the treasure and searching this chest takes considerably longer than a normal chest, about as long as it takes to search a Supply Drop. Once you’ve dug up the chest your map will disappear. Make sure you’re alone, or at least have some kind of cover before you commit to digging up and searching the treasure, lest you get sniped and give up your plunder.


All That Glitters Is Gold

Buried Treasure 1

The chest associated with this item tends to have extremely high quality items in it. It seems that these particular chests basically guarantee numerous Legendary (golden) items. While the effort you have to expend to uncover one of these chests after finding a Buried Treasure map can be substantial and risky, they’re so obscenely lucrative that they can set you up for the rest of the match. Finding the actual Buried Treasure map is luck centric however: they drop like any other typical item, but they’re also considered to be of Legendary rarity, meaning they’re not the kind of item you would find every match.

The challenge itself just requires you repeat the above process twice over as many games as it takes to complete the challenge. As long as you dig up and search the chest linked to your map, you’ll receive credit. This challenge is quite interesting in the fact that it’s a take on an older type of challenge, combined with a new system. The older version of this challenge hid a static map in a few locations that were marked with an X. This kinds of acts as a repeatable version of that challenge that also has a substantial impact on each game you play (by rewarding you with loot, rather than Battle Stars), fitting the treasure/pirate theme of Season 8 quite nicely.

Week 4 also introduces a challenge for a new vehicle added last week called ‘The Baller’, in which you need to find and use them, we’ve marked all their spawn locations is a handy article. This week also introduces a very slightly different version of Week 2’s Pirate Cannon challenge. All in all, Week 4 will require a fair bit of locomotion around the map to get the challenges done, either by following treasure maps or locating giant hamster balls and Pirate Cannons.

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