Fortnite Season 8: Use The Baller In Different Matches & Baller Locations Map

All the Fortnite Baller Locations to help you become the Spider-Man you were destined to be.

Week 4 of Fortnite Season 8 introduces a challenge that makes use of The Baller, which was introduced in Week 3 as a ‘replacement’ for the X-4 Stormwing. The Baller is, in essence, a hamster ball with a Grappler attached, letting you zip around the map like some rodent version of Spiderman. The Baller itself has 300 HP and offers complete protection for the driver. This makes it the only vehicle to date that keeps its driver completely safe until destroyed. Due to its grapple and boost features, it has exceptional manoeuvrability, acceleration and vertical mobility, allowing it to traverse all types of terrain with ease. This is the new go-to vehicle for traversing large swathes of the map quickly and safely.

The challenge itself is particularly straightforward in its request: Find and use The Baller once per game over five matches. Put differently, you need to find The Baller five times, but you’ll only receive credit once per game. Now, walking up to something and interacting with it isn’t typically the most demanding of challenges, which means the real challenge is finding one every game. The Baller has quite a few spawn locations scattered throughout the map, but some aren’t overly obvious, this article will cover all the spawn locations we’ve personally found to help you through this challenge a little quicker.

The Baller spawns in two notable locations, the first is pirate camps, which are a new addition to Season 8. The other notable Baller locations are the old expedition outposts from Season 7, especially the ones that spawned X-4 Stormwings. Finally, The Baller will also spawn in some expedition buildings around the map as well. If an X-4 Stormwing spawned or a hangar is present, there is a very high probability that The Baller will spawn there.


The Baller Spawn Locations Map

Fortnite Baller Spawn Locations map

The pirate camps are circled in purple, the other spawns are circled in red and each location is individually documented as the expedition outposts and buildings have moved around a bit since Season 7.

As the image above demonstrates, most of The Baller spawns occur in the northeastern region (jungle biome) and the southwestern (tundra biome) areas of the map. This also correlates with the density in which expedition buildings spawn (i.e. the snow and jungle have comparatively more than other regions).


Frosty Flights Baller Location

Fortnite Baller 1

The most straightforward indication that The Baller is supposed to replace the X-4 Stormwing, instead of X-4’s in Frosty Flight’s main hanger, there will numerous Ballers will be present. Present in both A8 and B8 on the main map’s grid.


Frosty Flights 2 Baller Location

Fortnite Baller 2

To the east of Frosty Flights is a small shed overlooking the entire airbase. You’ll find The Baller inside and a Driftboard outside. B8 on the main map’s grid.


Tundra Northwest Baller Location

Fortnite Baller 3

On the western side of the tundra is a wooden lodge perched atop a hill. North of this, down the slope is a small expedition shed with The Baller inside. You’ll find it at A7 on the main map’s grid.


Tundra Central Baller Location

Fortnite Baller 3

You’ll find a small shed west of Shifty Shafts, south of the tundra pirate camp that has a single Baller inside. C7 on the main map’s grid.


Tundra Southeast Baller Location

Fortnite Baller 5

This expedition outpost survived into Season 8 relatively unscathed thanks to the tundra itself being mostly untouched. You’ll find numerous Ballers out front where the X-4’s used to be. D8 on the main map’s grid.


Hot Springs (Jungle) Baller Location

Fortnite Baller 6

To the northeast of Lazy Lagoon are a series of hot springs, which houses a small expedition building. The shed contains The Baller. G2 on the main map’s grid.


Jungle Expedition Base Baller Location

Fortnite Baller

North of the volcano is a large expedition base replete with vehicle hangers. Ballers spawn in the western hanger. Located at H2 on the main map’s grid.


Jungle Northeast Baller Location

Fortnite Baller 7

On the very northeastern corner of the jungle biome is a expedition watch tower that has been fenced off. The Baller spawns at the base of this watch tower along with a Driftboard. I8 on the main map’s grid.


Jungle East Baller Location

Fortnite Baller 8

Far to the east of the volcano, near the ocean is a fairly large expedition outpost with a large garage on the ground floor. You’ll find numerous ballers in the garage. J3 on the main map’s grid.


Lonely Lodge Baller Location

Fortnite Baller 9

This expedition outpost hasn’t changed since Season 7. You’ll find it to the west of Lonely Lodge perched atop a steep hill. Ballers spawn here in place of the old X-4 Stormwings. I5 on the main map’s grid.


Pleasant Park Baller Location

Fortnite Baller Location

To the northeast of Pleasant Park is a giant mountain with an expedition outpost atop it. Ballers spawn on the runway in place of X-4 Stormwings. D3 on the main map’s grid.

The above locations plus the pirate camps are all the locations we could find that spawn The Baller. Just remember if you’re near a pirate camp or expedition building, there is a fairly good chance you’ll find a Baller there. You need to find a baller once per match, over five matches to finish up this challenge. If you land at any of these locations at the start of each matches, you’ll finish this in five matches almost guaranteed thanks to how many landing options you have. If you really want to hedge your bets choose a place with multiple spawns like Frosty Flights or some of the bigger Expedition buildings.

Week 4 also features an interesting take on the treasure hunt style challenge. Recently Epic introduced a new type of item called the ‘treasure map’, that sets you off on a treasure hunting adventure. This week sees the introduction of a challenge designed to make use of this new item. Week 2 featured a challenge to do damage to players with a Pirate Cannon. This week features a challenge to launch yourself through structures with a Pirate Cannon. This week contains three big challenges that require a lot of exploring and running around, so get your hiking boots on.

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