Fortnite High Stakes Getaway Challenges: How To Get The Crowbar Pickaxe & Back Bling

Free stuff.

Fortnite High Stakes

With the reintroduction of the Getaway LTM for Fortnite comes some brand new High Stakes challenges to tide you over. This, combined with the weekly and daily challenges, means that you’re going to be pretty busy in Fortnite for the foreseeable future.

The Getaway is one of Fortnite’s most unique LTMs, tasking players with dropping to the island as usual before collecting swag. Once a jewel has been collected, the carrier becomes a lot less mobile, so they must be escorted to the escape van. There can be multiple winners in one match, so it lacks the stakes (ironically enough) of most normal Fortnite matches, but it’s a fun little mode all the same.

As with last time, completing challenges will net you some free cosmetic rewards; you don’t need to have the Battle Pass to get Getaway cosmetics. If you complete just two of your High Stakes challenges, you will be rewarded with a special crowbar pickaxe.

Here are all of the High Stakes challenges to get your free pickaxe and back blings, which are so easy that I don’t think they really need more explanation.


Fortnite High Stakes Challenges

Fortnite High stakes

Complete The Getaway Challenges [2] – Crowbar Pickaxe

Win A Match of The Getaway [1] – Llama Black Bing

Win Matches of The Getaway [3] – Llama Black Bing

Win Matches of The Getaway [5] – Llama Black Bing

Use a Grappler in Different Matches of The Getaway [5] – Loading Screen

Deal damage to Jewel carrying opponents [200] – Spray

Pick up a Jewel in different matches of The Getaway [3] – Contrail

Once again, don’t forget that you don’t need the Battle Pass or anything to complete the High Stakes challenges. These are available from now until Monday, after which you will not be able to earn your rewards.

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