Fortnite Season 5 Guide: All The Rift Locations

Fortnite rifts

One of the unique additions to season 5 are ‘rifts’. The easiest way to describe a rift is as a juiced up launch pad. When you step into a rift, they teleport you a large distance into the sky directly above the rift’s location (not as high as the Battle Bus, but much higher than a launch pad), allowing you the option of deploying your glider. Essentially then, rifts are a method of travel (hence, juiced up launch pad) more effective at covering distance than any other method that isn’t the Battle Bus.

It is important to note, however, when a rift is activated it will make a massively loud sound (a lot of thunder or a sonic boom with some ‘sci-fi’ distortions) that everyone from a very, very long distance away will here. This acts as a warning for other players to keep an eye on the sky. Additionally, a ‘crack’ in the sky will form, which indicates the starting position of the person leaving the rift. So, don’t be too surprised if an attentive (and unoccupied) player starts gunning at you before you even land.

Rifts look like a shattered floating, blue window, hovering at about head height.

Fortnite rifts

This is what you see upon stepping through a rift:

Fortnite rifts

In a previous article, I mentioned that rifts are ‘single use’. This is incorrect (my bad) as they’re ‘timed use’. Put differently, when someone steps through a rift, it’ll still be available for others to use, but only for about five seconds. This means you can fit a full squad through a single rift, if you have good timing. It also means that if a pursuer is close enough, they can also chase you through it.

Rifts have two primary uses ,then. The first is relocation. Landed somewhere bad? Stuck near an oncoming storm? Looted a place and want to move on to loot elsewhere? Use a rift. The speed at which a rift can help you traverse the map is unrivalled and can’t be understated. The other use is a subset of the first; combat. They’re an amazing escape tool. If you’re losing a fight, getting ambushed or trying to shake a pursuer, nothing is better than a rift for simply peacing out. They’re also fantastic at ambushing unsuspecting players by landing on top of their head, it’s even more satisfying when that player you land on was the one gunning at you moments before.

As the season 5 cinematic alludes to, rifts are tied to the funky time stuff going on around the map. You will only find rifts in areas in which the ‘timeline’ has been ‘altered’ (in the ‘unnatural sense). Anachronistic objects (i.e. things not in the right time period), such as the Easter Island heads will have rifts around them. The Viking Vista (being very out of place) will have a large congregation of rifts. The desert has rifts scattered throughout it (being teleported there) and numerous other out-of-place objects scattered throughout the map will have a some rifts in its vicinity. However, don’t conflate this with all season 5 changes, some have happened naturally. For example, Lazy Links appears to have been built (rather than teleported), Dust Divot becoming a jungle was foreshadowed in season 4 with the trees slowly growing over the weeks, etc.

Below, I’ve provided a map with most (I may have missed a few) of the rift locations circled in red. Note that the rifts don’t always spawn in the same exact numbers or locations every game. Their positions tend to be slightly varied and don’t have a 100% spawn rate.


Fortnite Season 5 Rift Locations Map

Fortnite season 5 rifts

Here are some screenshots of what each location looks like and their accompanying rifts. This area has had some updates since the last article, I’ve updated the map with new locations and screenshots of each location. These locations are; four stone heads (they always spawn rifts), a new location in the desert and a motel area to the overall map. Happy hunting.


Desert 1 (Central)

Fortnite rifts


Desert 2 (Central)

Fortnite season 5 rifts


Desert 3 (Southwest)

Fortnite season 5 rifts


Desert 4 (Northeast)

Fortnite season 5 rifts


Desert 5 (East)

Fortnite rifts


The Durrr Burger Mascot

Fortnite durr burger


Motel (West of Lazy Links)

Fortnite motel rift


Stone Head 1 (Dusty Divot)

Fortnite season 5 rifts


Stone Head 2 (Retail Row)

Fortnite season 5 rifts


Stone Head 3 (Shifty Shafts)

Fortnite season 5 rifts


Stone Head 4 (Flush Factory/Lucky Landing)

Fortnite rifts


Stone Head 5 (Junk Junction)

Fortnite stone head


Stone Head 6 (Greasy Grove)

Stone Head greasy grove


Stone Head 7 (Tomato Town/Tomato Temple)

Tomato Town stone head


Noms Sign

Fortnite season 5 rifts


Viking Vista

Fortnite season 5 rifts

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