Fortnite Season 5’s Trailer Leaks Early

Fortnite season 5

Ahead of the downtime for Fortnite season 5 concluding, the trailer for it has cropped up across the socials before Epic could officially announce it. If you have a decent memory, you’ll remember that this happened for season 4 and its meteoric trailer as well.

Here’s the trailer, which gives Loot Lake a spotlight it absolutely does not deserve:

The trailer shows the aftermath of the failed rocket launch with assets from the map being consumed by the rift before cutting to the real world in the Californian desert. A very edgy lad tries to graffiti the Durr Burger mascot before being sucked into the rift and into the world of Fortnite, along with a gold kart and monuments from historic times.

Today (July 12th) marks the first day for season 5, though the game is currently in downtime which means that it is unplayable. However, the update file for all of the season’s changes should now be available. You may also want to get into the queue nice and early if you want to avoid trouble.

Fortnite season 5 will feature a host of changes to the game, and more than just aesthetic ones. It will introduce golf karts, usable rifts, and new additions to the map. For a full rundown of everything that’s being added/tweaked, be sure to check out the patch notes.

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