Fortnite Season 4 Guide: Week 8 Battle Pass Challenges


Week 8 of season 4’s Battle Pass went live a few hours ago. As per usual, you’ll need the Battle Pass (950 V-bucks) to be able to access and complete these challenges and therefore obtain the rewards therein. Don’t fret if you don’t have the Battle Pass yet, all challenges are retroactive, so you can complete these challenges at a later date. But, seeing as we’re well past the season’s halfway mark, retroactively completing all previous weeks to make it the Omega reward at tier 100 can be quite challenging if you’re behind.

Below is a list of the seven challenges for week 8 and how to complete them.

Deal headshot damage to opponents (250 damage)
This challenge replaces the ‘standard deal damage with X weapon type’ challenge for week. Probably the most straightforward of all, just shoot opponents in the noggin’ with any weapon until you receive your Battle Stars. Happy headhunting.

Search chests in Salty Springs (7 chests)
Your typical ‘search the chests’ challenge we receive each and every week. The location this week is Salty Springs. Honestly, this is about as good it gets for this kind of challenge. Salty Springs has quite a lot chests in it (some houses can spawn three in a single game) and isn’t as populated as you might imagine. The house with the broken tree trunk on it often spawns a lot of chests and is a great first landing point, sometimes netting you three uncontested chests right off the bat. This location should take a game or two less than the usual weekly seven chests ordeal. Unless you get unlucky, of course.

Fortnite omega carbide posters

Search 7 chests in a single match (7 chests)
Not exactly a unique spin on things, but it is still different from the usual weekly Battle Pass challenges. You’re asked to search 7 seven chests in a single match. This can be quite the pain as surviving long enough to open 7 chests is usually more of test of surviving the initial bloodbath that is the start of every Fortnite game.

The easiest way to complete this challenge – in my view – is to land somewhere less popular (basically, not Tilted Towers, Retail Row or Pleasant Park) and hope you can snag a large glut of chests at the start. After that rotating to other less populated areas that have chests is a good way of surviving long enough to complete this challenge. Finally, doing this challenge solo is much, much, much easier than in a group as teammates will be competing for those very same chests. Worse yet, you can’t even shoot em’ and swoop in to steal their chest, either.

Search hungry gnomes (7 Gnomes)
This week sees the reinstatement of the classic scavenger hunt challenge that were so prolific in the earlier weeks of the season. It’s very similar to the season 3 Battle Pass challenge that had you hunting for gnomes as well. The difference is this time, they’re hungry gnomes. Therefore, they tend to be found in places where food is present. If you’re looking for a more in-depth guide, including all the spawn locations we could find, check out our guide here.

Search between a bear, crater and a refrigerator shipment
This is the typical treasure hunt based challenge for week 8. Instead of a map, we’re instead told to search between a ‘Bear, crater and a refrigerator shipment’. As per usual, you can skip right to the treasure if you know where to look, and we happen to know exactly where to look. You can find our guide here.


Suppressed weapon eliminations (3 kills)
Your straightforward kill them with a specific weapon challenge. This week is a bit of a pain, though nowhere near as bad as the LMG/Minigun week. The Suppressed SMG is relatively weak gun and the Suppressed Pistol only comes in Epic (purple) or Legendary (orange) varieties, making it quite rare. Both are semi-close ranged weapons and get bodied by a shotgun most of the time. On a positive note however, the Suppressed SMG is a very common weapon and you only need three kills in total. A little bit of luck at the start and you can see it finished in no time.

Eliminate opponents in Pleasant Park (3 kills)
Your other straightforward kill challenge, but this time based on a location. Identical to every week’s challenge in this category. This is kind of like Tilted Towers-lite, being a very heavily trafficked area. Therefore, there will be no shortage of goons to kill, but it also means if you don’t get lucky with a weapon early on, you’ll most likely find yourself back at the lobby. Once you do get lucky, however, you’ll generally finish the challenge in one or two matches.

That’s it for this week. As last week was the final week involving a Blockbuster secret, there should be no more of those for the rest of the season. Unless of course, Epic is being even more tricky than usual. Happy Battle Star hunting.

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