Fortnite Season 4 Guide: Search Between A Bear, Crater and A Refrigerator Shipment

Search between a bear

As is codified tradition now, every week sports a Battle Pass challenge focused on finding a hidden treasure, which always alternates between following a treasure map and searching between three distinct landmarks. This week’s challenge is of the ‘landmark’ variety, asking you to search between ‘a bear, crater and a refrigerator shipment’.

Like every ‘find the treasure’ based challenge (that isn’t a ‘Blockbuster’ one), you can skip straight to the location of the treasure if you already know where it is, bypassing quite a large bit of the challenge. So, if you’re not interested in how the treasure is found – or you’re in a hurry – just skip to the final section of the guide. For the curious amongst us, read on.

For those that want to tackle the challenge themselves, but don’t have the time to invest in sharpening their knowledge of the Fortnite map, I present a picture of the general treasure hunt location.

Fortnite treasure map

For the rest, that simply want to see the answer or want to build upon their map knowledge for future Battle Pass challenges, I present a picture with each specific landmark circled and a small description of each location.

Fortnite treasure map locations

The bear is circled in pink, the crater is circled in blue and the refrigerator shipment is circled in orange. The ultimate goal, the treasure, is circled in red.


Search Between a Bear, Crater and a Refrigerator Shipment: The Bear

Fortnite bear

A statue of a bear wearing a hat and backpack playing a wind instrument of some kind. Appearing as on the border of H6 and I6 on the main map’s grid.


Search Between a Bear, Crater and a Refrigerator Shipment: The Crater

Fortnite crater

A typical impact crater new to season 4. Has a few cop cars and trucks parked next to it, very hard to miss, being very visible on the main map, unlike the other two landmarks. This appears on the border of I6 and I7 on the main map’s grid.


Search Between a Bear, Crater and a Refrigerator Shipment: The Refrigerator Shipment

Fortnite refrigerators

A truck loaded with refrigerators (with some ‘fallen off the back of a truck’) is parked in the small unnamed town, directly on the main road. I7 on the main map’s grid.


Search Between a Bear, Crater and a Refrigerator Shipment: The Treasure

Fortnite treasure hunt

The treasure lies between these three landmarks. Slightly northeast of the town lying between three trees, you will see a small bald patch of land surrounded by grass. The treasure is on that small bald patch of land. This appears as I7 on the main map’s grid. More specifically in the northwestern corner of the I7 grid location. Just grab the treasure and presto, finished!

This challenge and the ‘Hungry Gnome’ challenge constitute the two more involved Battle Pass challenges for week 8. If you’re interested in the Hungry Gnome locations, or an explanation on how to better find them yourself, you can check out our guide here. If you’re looking for an overview of the Week 8 Battle Pass challenges and brief tips on how to approach them, check out our overview here.

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