Fortnite Pumpkin Rocket Launcher Stats and Location (Fortnitemares 2020)

Pumpkin 'ell, this thing is everywhere.

Fortnitemares Pumpkin Launcher
Fortnitemares Pumpkin Launcher

Just in case you thought the normal Rocket Launcher was too rare in Fortnite these days, Fortnitemares 2020 has reintroduced the Pumpkin Rocket Launcher for Halloween and they are absolutely everywhere.

The classic Halloween weapon is available almost everywhere you look, so much so that we don’t even really need to spell out its location for you as you are bound to run into it within a minute of playing. How about the Pumpkin Rocket Launcher stats, though?


Pumpkin Rocket Launcher Stats

Pumpkin Rocket Launcher
Pumpkin Rocket Launcher
Reload Time4.1
Magazine Size1
Fire Rate0.75
DPS 63.7

As it is Uncommon, the Pumpkin Rocket Launcher only deals 80 damage, 20 less than the traditional damage for Rocket Launchers.

As with all explosive weapons, it has a slow reload time to stop spamming and will also damage you if you get too close to the rocket’s blast.


Pumpkin Rocket Launcher Location

The Ruins Fortnite
The Ruins Fortnite

The Pumpkin Rocket Launcher can be found in The Ruins, which used to be called The Agency/The Authority, in the hands of every single one of Midas’ henchmen.

This makes The Ruins an absolute nightmare to land at as there are rockets flying everywhere constantly. We recommend that you harvest some materials before you engage any opponents here to block rockets. Henchmen will shoot the Pumpkin Rocket Launcher even if you are standing right next to them.

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