Fortnite: Chapter 4 – Is The Pump Shotgun Back?

Fortnite legendary shotgun
Fortnite Pump Shotgun

There aren’t many weapons more synonymous with Fortnite than the Pump Shotgun. Epic seems to know this, and not wanting the playerbase to just use the same weapon over and over again, the Pump has been vaulted since the start of Chapter 3 in all core modes. But with Chapter 4 now here, has Epic unvaulted the Pump Shotgun?

The answer is no, the Pump hasn’t returned to Fortnite for Chapter 4 – Season 1, and it remains vaulted. Instead, players have two new shotguns to play with: the Maven Auto Shotgun and Thunder Shotgun, with the latter being relatively close to the experience of the Pump in terms of sheer stopping power.

There are no hints that the Pump Shotgun is even in the game’s files, either, meaning that it most likely cannot return to the game until another update at the very earliest. This doesn’t rule out it coming back at some point in the future, especially with Winterfest being a bit of a time for wish fulfillment for Fortnite fans, but there’s no return just yet.

The Pump is quite the controversial weapon in Fortnite and something that’s seen as relatively high skill, even though it used to be able to eliminate players in one shot. The competitive scene was dominated by it for years, which may be another reason why people chose to vault it. Watching the same weapon being used time and time again isn’t exactly thrilling, either.

However, with the fact that headshots can now do an absolute maximum of 195 damage, it may open the door slightly for a proper Pump return, as that now doesn’t one-shot people with full health and shields. It’s no guarantee, but it does seem like a move Epic has taken to balance the playing field a little more. They may even bring it back with some nerds to make it a little less strong and dominating, though we don’t expect it will stay permanently regardless.

As soon as any news or leak is released about the Pump Shotgun coming back to Fortnite, we will be the first to let you know.

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