Fortnite 14 Days of Summer: Search The Tiny Rubber Ducky In The Beach Themed Loading Screen

Summer bops.

NOTE: Epic originally named this 14 Days of Summer challenge incorrectly, so we have edited this article to reflect their fix.

Fortnite’s 14 Days of Summer keeps the sun shining (sorry) with a new challenge, which will also be its penultimate one. Even if you don’t manage to search the tiny rubber ducky in the beach themed loading screen by tomorrow, don’t worry: you still have plenty of time to get all of the challenges done.

With Epic’s employees taking a well-deserved break, they have kept the fanbase happy in the meantime by kicking off 14 Days of Summer, which is the summer equivalent of what they did for their Christmas break. Players get a new challenge each day with a cosmetic item at the end of it, along with returning weapons like the Tactical SMG and the Quad Launcher. Fashionable Fortnite fans can also buy a new skin in the Item Shop every day.

Here’s what you need to know to search the tiny rubber ducky in the beach themed loading screen.


Fortnite Beach Themed Loading Screen

Fortnite Summer Drifta

The Loading Screen in question is referring to the one you get for hitting players with water balloons, those water balloons available after eliminating players with the Drum Gun or daily unvaulted weapon.

It depicts Summer Drift lobbing a water balloon on a beach. The hint itself is situated on the surfboards to the left.

sea shell loading screen

Those are co-ordinates which we can use on the Fortnite map.


Fortnite Tiny Rubber Ducky Map Location

sea shell loading screen map 2

If you take those co-ordinates (H1, I9, H10, I10) and apply them to the Fornite map, you get to an intersection of all four spots.

This is a very quiet spot to land, though you may have to expect a few more bad guys than usual thanks to this challenge. There are few guns in the nearby vicinity, so maybe drop at the Mexican town to the west before making your way here.


Fortnite Tiny Rubber Ducky

Sea Shell loading screen ducky

For whatever reason, it’s not actually a hidden sea shell at all. It’s actually a rubber ducky. I did say Epic were on a break.

Simply walk on up to the rubber ducky and interact with it to get yourself a shiny new music pack.

If you need further guidance, look for the bathtub underneath a tree and you should be able to find it no sweat.


Search The Tiny Rubber Ducky In The Beach Themed Loading Screen Video Guide

Fortnite’s 14 Days of Summer is wrapping up, so it makes sense that the last couple of challenges depend on you having already dusted off those prior.

This Loading Screen hint challenge is a favourite of mine and has been since they were introduced into the game. Likewise, I’ve really enjoyed 14 Days of Summer overall, it giving players plenty of incentives to jump into a game.

How about you?

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