Footage Of The PS5 Tech Demo Surfaces Online

Spider-Man's impressive loading speeds were showcased.


We’ve already covered the Sony Investor Conference, specifically the rumoured news that Sony are working on a Twisted Metal TV show, but perhaps the bigger news is the leaked footage of Sony’s next-gen gaming technology in action. They’re still not calling it the PS5, but let’s be honest, it’s going to be called the PS5.

The tech demo seen, which was captured and uploaded by The Wall Street Journal’s Tokyo journalist Takashi Mochizuki, showcases the hardware’s SSD Drive in action. The presentation, which you can see below demonstrates the differences in loading times of Marvel’s Spider-Man between the PS4 and the new hardware.

Similar to the presentation shown to Wired last month, the presentation shows how Spider-Man’s fast travel feature takes 8.1 seconds on the PS4 Pro, while the next generation hardware quickens that process to an impressive 0.83 seconds. It’s an amazing improvement, though it means you won’t get to see the funny little cutscenes of Peter Parker yucking it up on the New York trainline.

The second part of the presentation dealt with the improved speed of traversal around the game world, with the PS4 Pro footage constantly grinding to a halt while new information loaded in. Meanwhile, the next generation tech is able to zoom around the map at lightning speeds with no hiccups.

There wasn’t much else in the way of new information, though there was plenty of confirmation of details revealed in the original Wired article, including an all-new CPU/GPU, solid-state storage, 3D audio, backwards compatability support, 8K resolution and ray tracing graphics. Are you excited for the next generation of Sony hardware? Sound off in the comments.

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