Final Fantasy 15 DLC Cancelled As Hajime Tabata Quits Square Enix

Final Fantasy XV
Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy 15’s director, and the man seen as responsible for helping to turn around the troubled project, Hajime Tabata, has left both Square Enix and his recently formed studio Luminous Productions. Because of his departure, most of the planned DLC for 2019 will be cancelled. After episode Ardyn, that’s your lot.

In a statement provided to Eurogamer, Square Enix state that Tabata left both Square Enix and Luminous Productions for “personal reasons”, and that Luminous Productions will be kept under the Square Enix umbrella to create new IPs. This news comes just a day after Square Enix post an “extraordinary loss” of 3,733 million yen, which roughly translates to £25 million, and Luminous Productions are stated as one of the reasons for this loss.

Tabata himself has had a long history in gaming, working on games like Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core, Final Fantasy Type-0 and The 3rd Birthday, an sequel to the Parasite Eve series. His success with Type-0 led to him becoming the director of Final Fantasy 15, taking over from Tetsuya Nomura. Though his loss might be unfortunate for Square Enix, it’s going to be intriguing to see what he does next. In the meantime, Square Enix can look forward to incredible profits after the release of the transcendental experience known as The Quiet Man.

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