FIFA 17 Now Available Through Xbox One’s EA Access and PC’s Origin Access

Get the most recent FIFA 17 for "free" if you're an EA Access or Origin Access subscriber.


If you’ve been biding your time to find that little window between the latest FIFA still being relevant and the next edition being hyped up, the time is now. FIFA 17 is available on Xbox One’s EA Access and PC’s Origin Access services starting from today.

It’s the first of many still to come for EA Access, with Dragon Age: Origins and Medal of Honor: Airborne due to arrive sometime before June. Likewise, Origin Access has plenty to look forward to, including Pony Island, Hacknet, and Orwell, which are now available in the vault. Origin has more of an indie feel than its console brethren.

In case you aren’t in the know, EA Access is an Xbox One exclusive service that allows subscribers to download EA games to keep. The vault is filling up and more are likely to come in the future – the rule of thumb is that once a game starts slipping in popularity, it finds its way into the vault. You can expect to see something like Mass Effect: Andromeda in there within the next six months or so. I have been quite impressed with the service, which can you read more about here.

I also reviewed FIFA 17 at launch, commending the inclusion of The Journey while criticising the miniscule changes in the gameplay:


“FIFA 17 is the bravest FIFA to date but also one of the most conservative. With the introduction of a single-player narrative, it’s clear that they aren’t resting on their laurels and waiting for the FUT money to roll in, but are trying to once again lead a footballing revolution, just like they did when they wrestled the crown from PES all those years ago.”

If you’re curious, here are all the games available on EA Access right now.


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