Evil Dead: The Game: How To Unlock Ash Williams (Ash vs Evil Dead)

Evil Dead Ash
Evil Dead Ash

Evil Dead: The Game is arguably the definitive Evil Dead video game experience, with it bridging the gap across all of Ash Williams’ Evil Dead incarnations. Those incarnations include the recent Ash vs Evil Dead, but you have a little bit of work before you unlock him.

To unlock Ash Williams from Ash vs Evil Dead, players must complete the Mission called Chapter 1 – ‘If You Love Someone Set Them Free…With A Chainsaw’. Missions basically make up all the single-player content for the game and are your main way of unlocking new things in Evil Dead: The Game.

In ‘If You Love Someone Set Them Free…With A Chainsaw’, players replay the events of Evil Dead 2 in which Ash buries Linda’s head. You will start off searching for her bracelet before having to track down her head and then a shovel to bury her again, with the last section asking you to take her back to the cabin shed for that infamous scene.

It’s all fairly straightforward stuff, but beware the boss for the chapter called Henrietta. She hits very hard, so keep your distance and keep shooting at her with your boomstick, backing away constantly as you reload. Also use your shield to negate a couple of her attacks, and be sure to go to Payne Manor and upgrade your weapons to put her down easier.

Once you complete ‘If You Love Someone Set Them Free…With A Chainsaw’, you will unlock Ash Williams (Ash vs Evil Dead), a new Mission, and Knowby Recording I.

Evil Dead: The Game is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, and Switch Switch.

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