EA Sports UFC 4 Available Today On PS4 & Xbox One

Let's get ready to rumbl-, wait, wrong sport.


Those looking to throw hands with their fellow man, but with the safety that comes with playing online, will be happy to know that EA Sports UFC 4 is available today on PS4 and Xbox One. Well, it’s available today for those that don’t have EA Access. Those who are subscribed have been privy to a play first trial on EA Access since last Friday.

UFC 4 is a continuation of EA’s partnership with the world’s most popular combat sport promotion. The fourth iteration introduces a host of refinements to the core formula, including an option to simplify the ground game for players who are put off by its complexities. Still, if you’re someone who prefers taking a fight to the mat, you can still use the legacy controls that’ll allow for more complex transitions and submission attempts.

Career Mode has also been given a significant overhaul. Players are given a much longer introductory sequence, teaching them the basics of striking, blocking, grappling and submissions. You’ll also be able to build relationships with different fighters depending on how you conduct yourself in between fights. Mouth off on social media about your upcoming opponent and you’ll build hype for your fight, but it’ll be much more expensive to train with them to learn new moves.

Skill mini-games have also been replaced, as players upgrade their moves by performing them repeatedly. If you want a better uppercut, use the uppercut more often. It’s a double-edged sword that allows you to build your natural strengths, while forcing you to confront any gaps in your game. Lastly, the biggest change is that EA have removed Ultimate Team. Players can still spend money on microtransactions, but as of now, it’s only to purchase cosmetic items for your fighter, which translates across Career and online modes.

Will you be playing EA Sports UFC 4, or have you already played the 10 hour EA Access trial? Sound off in the comments.

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